Best vista theme for xp

Vista Skin Pack 5. It has good support for Windows Aero and overall a nice theme. Easy to install, small fingerprint, great functionality. Read our privacy policy. Windows Vista looks cool, but it is very slow.

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Download Best Vista Theme For XP

Do you want something new? In the past I have done other lists which prove to gain attention quite quickly, and they seem to be bset of my most read posts. But you do not have time for experiments? The Vista Start Menu is modified not only in appearance but also in functionality.

I think this is an absolutely brilliant effort. Plz help me and take me out of this trouble.

List: Best Windows XP and Vista themes.

I believe windows xp is the best windows microsoft ever made, so it's better to make windows xp look like vista than upgrading to windows vista. This link should explain it all to you. I like this change but I wanted to look for others - I've tried uninstalling but the icons won't change for some reason: There are a number of standard, default backgrounds provided. Regards Miguel muchas graciass por tus valiosos aportess Skip to content In the past I have done other lists which prove to gain attention quite quickly, and they seem to be some of my most read posts.

Email required Address never made public. I have deleted everything and it had backed up the files, what do I have to do?

Primary Menu

It takes some work to get the files structured correctly but the creator provides instructions. While U clikcking the download link, it goes to rapidshare website for download, on that u selected free Used means the download speed will be slow.

Vista Transformation is Good but it's also a very extensive one. If you want flashy and stable, switch to a MAC.

Copy all contents in " Theme " visya to " C: Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. PLz tell us the way so that we can remove your theme completely. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. User reviews about Transform XP to Vista. D aero dissapear when i restarted my pc.

I x; college when Windows NT came out. Can someone varify that this doesnt mess out the computer and that the removal is absolute?

It's a simple package containing a desktop with the look of Vista and many of the applications you'll find in Vista Start Menu and Yahoo! Modern Warfare 3 on your desktop.

Transform XP to Vista - Download

That is because bbest are using another cd while installation. Don't leave without your download! I just shared it on my blog. You right click properties. Your email address will not be published. I might even make this into a page rather than a post if it gets popular enough. Facing Problems in Applying Theme?

THen how should we end all this. Why would any sane person actually want to "pretend" they jumped on the vista bandwagon?

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