Fair game 2010

The story of the Iraqi scientists is also incomplete. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Season 2 DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Best of Netflix Movies and shows to binge now.

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Fair Game – review

Deidre Goodwin as Journalist 2. Watching the Penn-like Joe in "Fair Game" after all, the Hollywood actor is also a committed political activist is akin to being stuck in the company of the smartest man in the room. Wilson, is a diplomat who most recently has served as the U.

To hit back, various Dubya placemen, chiefly the vice-president's chief of staff, Lewis "Scooter" Libby, made a nasty little leak to the press. Mohamed Abdel Fattah as Professor Badawi.

Well, here is the cunning of Libby's ploy.

Fair Game () Reviews - Metacritic

They leak a story gane rightwing columnist Robert Novak that Valerie is a CIA operative, then follow this up with denigratory rumours that she's a minor figure in the organisation and generally distrusted.

The story it has to tell is real enough. View All Audience Reviews. Later in the film, Joe stares up at the television again, but this time, the filmmaker goes wide, and reveals in that airport departure area, a microcosm of people's indifference toward all things political, as the true patriot finds ggame surrounded by sleepers while our former president delivers "the sixteen words that led us to war" during his State of the Union address.

Louis Ozawa Changchien as Nervous Analyst 1. Show 25 25 50 All.

Order by newest oldest recommendations. There has been dispute as to the historical accuracy of Fair Game. As for Penn, in the role of Joe Wilson, he does a lot of cigar-smoking, dinner-party-conversation-dominating and shouting, after which Watts simpers forgivingly at him, as if to reassure us how adorable he is. hame

The film had a public screening during the Abu Dhabi film festival on October 21, and it got a generally positive review. 2100 WattsSean Penn.

Libby's boss, Dick Cheney, was involved, and the wily Karl Rove is the man who described Valerie Plame as "fair game". Wilson determines to his own satisfaction that it is not. It is complacent and fatuous in a way that only a preeningly well-intentioned Hollywood drama can be.

Club - Nathan Rabin Nov 4, Danni Lang as Supporter 1. Fair Game" is such a brutal and personal testimony to the consequences of dirty politics that it often feels too ugly to be true. The film also explains that Niger's main uranium mine fxir operated by Cogema"a French company jointly controlled by the Japanese and Germans". More Top Movies Trailers Forums.

I am saddened by what passes for movies these days. Season 11 The Flash: Joe alone, seemingly, knew about the abuses of power carried out by the Bush administration, and granted, it took courage to write that piece on his visit to Niger which contradicted Bush on the subject of those aluminum tubes which were purported to hold Sadaam's uraniumbut he's no ordinary Joe, an arch-liberal who knew that Sadaam Hussein posed no imminent threat to the United States another gathering, another wife's friend's husband gets blasted for being an ignoramusso to some extent, Valerie Plame's husband must have known about the media firestorm he was concocting by defying the leader of the free world.

It would be widely entertaining were it not for the fact that it is based on real events in very recent global history in which a corrupt White House coddled officials who were guilty of treason in outing a CIA official, leaving valuable American assets around the world twisting in the wind, and then getting the media to Blame the Victim by painting Plame as a low-level insignificant paper pusher and not the high-level agent she actually was.

Rebecca Rigg as Lisa. Two of the finest actors alive, a true story with a real political subplot would make a great film under the hands of Clooney or others with strong political sensitivities. They're all saying the same thing. Can't remember the last time I left a theater more moved by a film, although in this case I was shaking in anger.

David Andrews as Scooter Libby. Overall, carried by strong leading performances, Fair Game is not as polemic as it could be and follows a rather predictable path.

But we really do have to sit through an awful lot of redundant domestic drama as the couple break up and make up, and Valerie goes to have a reinvigorating heart-to-heart with her grizzled old dad, played inevitably by Sam Shepard.

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