Autoplay media studio buttons

Run' in the Action drop-down box. When you click OK on the Select File dialog, the dialog closes and the button is added to the project. Back Support Although you should have no problems replicating this tutorial step by step, I don't welcome support queries especially since I don't have the time to respond to each question. The same thing happens if you click on the Video Presentation button.

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In this case, we want the action to jump back to Page1. Exit action causes an immediate exit from the application. OpenURL action will appear in the list on the script editor. A quick action is a simpler alternative buttpns placing script on an objects On Click event.

All content is copyright Indezine. Using the alignment tools, you can get one object or many objects! True if the button object should be visible, false if it should not be. Click on the PageName parameter, click the select button, and choose Page1 from the drop-down list. Every project you create has its own folder, called the project folder. This moves you up one level in the folder hierarchy. Now, we have the basic structure of the autorun CD ready with the splash screen.

Only at PC Pitstop. When you click on the Page1 icon, Page1 reappears in the work area. Otherwise, you'll need to open the project file that you saved at the end of Lesson 3.

That doesn't mean that you won't get support for anything related to this tutorial. The mouse has to stueio enter or stduio a non-transparent part of the button for the event to be triggered. Button is in its down state.

AutoPlay Media Studio Button Maker

In this description, the name of the action will appear in blue. Since our Back button is already on the Video page, we need to modify the action so it will jump somewhere else. I strongly recommend you post your problems or doubts in their support forums.

Click on any of the screenshot images below to see a larger, more detailed version. You need results now!

AutoPlay Media Studio Screenshots - Indigo Rose Software

Once you have the File. You'll probably need to move up two folders above the visible folder to find the four folders that I saved to contain the presentations. This means that your application can do completely different things when the user clicks on different objects.

This lesson is all about interactivity. Constants are often used to represent numeric values in parameters.

Once you have Button3 selected by itself, change the Text setting from Ted Sellers Online to Video Presentation by double-clicking on it and changing the text field.

Or, if you prefer, you can click on the page surface to deselect everything, and then click on the third button Button3 to re-select it alone. Black text on a blue button would disappear if the buttons down appearance was also black.


This is the exact same place you are taken to when you click on the On Click event shudio the properties pane and mecia click the edit button. Action Wizard The built-in action wizard makes the scripting engine accessible to everyone. You can click on this blue text to get more information about the action from the online help. You can also just edit the actions text directly.

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