Closer to love

I don't know, that sounds pretty straight ahead. Came to find the lyrics right away -- I had to know what it meant. It all depends on what it means to you. And she said, "I didn't think it could happen to me," which could mean all the usuals -- I didn't think I could get pregnant, contract HIV, be told my whole family was killed in a car-crash -- though the last feels not as likely, because it is something that happened directly to her.

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Mat Kearney — Closer to Love. God Bless Flag codyhill06 on May 30, General Comment This is a beautiful song, well produced.

User does not exist. And I just felt, there's like this, something's happened and I think the world we're in Lord is not a word, its a Name. Fire And Rain Acoustic. It's sad that this song is so ambiguous and filled with idle words that it requires someone actually having to attempt to give it a possible Biblical interpretation Matthew It's not shoulder the weight, it's just to show her the way.

You pull me closer to love Closer to love [Verse 3 Meet me once again Down off Lake Michigan Where we could feel the storm blowing down with the wind And don't apologize For all the tears you've cried You've been way too strong now for all your life I'm gonna get there soon You're gonna be there too Cryin' in your room Prayin' Lord come through We're gonna get there soon [Chorus] [Bridge] Cause you are all that I've waited for All of my life We're gonna get there You are all that I've waited for All of my life You pull me closer to love [Outro] Closer to love Pull me closer to love Pull me closer to love Closer to love, oh no Closer to love Closer to love Pull me closer to love.

New York to California. I remember being frustrated that closwr one else took the time to really interpret the lyrics the way I had. General Comment This is an incredibly beautiful song.

Nothing more than a lukewarm, watered down and stripped down attempt to serve two masters Matthew 6: Flag chelevans11 on August 30, Song Meaning Well, she did get the call, so it's not all philisophical, and the call wasn't good news. Maybe that's how it is after clozer, but it feels less likely, with the lyrics this way with it happening to the girl, not the guy.

Closer to Love

I mean, who hasn't had that phone call? Like most people, bad news comes out of the grey and they don't expect it to happen to themselves. I like the way he uses words like "Lord".

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Mat Kearney - Closer to Love Lyrics | SongMeanings

Looking forward to this getting some more air play. Flag emuInAmuumuu on March 20, Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Release Date March 10, This is obviously religiously-inspired. Now we've gotten rid of all the misunderstanding: Log in to add a tag. At first, I thought he had died, and the lyric was more like, "she didn't think it could happen to me the guy ".

This is no different than so called Christians who are so desparate for secular entertainment that they attempt to attach a Biblical reference or meaning to wicked, witch craft filled, secular movies, just to try to justify being entertained by them. Verified Artists All Artists: Album City of Black and White. You're always one phone call away from something bad. I think its about times in our life when we feel down, lost, jaded This c,oser my favorite of his.

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