English utau voicebank

I can guarantee you that Iris's English cover of Joking Speaker's quality cannot be reproduced with her Japanese bank, friend. No, create an account now. Messages 25 Likes Received 3 Trophy Points Thanks for the fast response!

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To suggest Engrish is better than a bank that actually has all the sounds and is made for English?

But if you're looking for a spesific voice type I recomend looking through voicebano showcase with english tagged onto them, and maybe checking UTAU Wiki 2. Ads by Project Wonderful! You must log in or sign up to reply here.

It's like saying Luka Japanese produces better English than her actual English bank and it's just not true. MillyAqualineJan 5, MillyAqualineJan 4, HulderBulderJan 4, IrisFlowerJan 4, I havent used much english banks, but I've heard from a lot of people that they like Mimi Yorunes english bank.

I don't think I have anything with his voice that I've uploaded, so here's something that Meta his owner did: I'll look into the others.

Messages 2, Likes Received 3, Trophy Points Messages 90 Likes Received Trophy Points KiyoteruJan 23, Right, guys, please keep this on topic: No, create an account now.

Yes, my password is: As for other suggestions, there's a recent bank, AL! It's kinda silly and again Something I've done with her bank: Messages 12 Likes Received 4 Trophy Points 8.

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Do you already have an account? Terindie vociebank, Jan 23, Your ad here, right now: I have Aiko, and iv'e already made a bad cover with it here.

Thanks for the fast response! There's always fun ones to find.

Log in or Sign up. I can guarantee you that Iris's English cover of Joking Speaker's quality cannot be reproduced with her Japanese bank, friend.

It'd sound terrible actually.

Looking for a good english voice bank to use. Also on male side, I recall Onen as well.

Voicebanks from English

In the few times I've messed around with his bank, I've found that he's always had utqu good abundance of samples that make English words flow better. I have one English bank semi-released, but it's quite difficult to use and I'm not sure if it's the voice type you want. A bit soft, VERY high pitched, slow consonants Also Meta recorded an English voicebank for his other utau, Jakuon.

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