I make it rain

I'm in this bitch with the terror We da best! Retrieved 1 July I make it rain on them hoes listen!

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Make It Rain

Now get your raincoat Baby I make it flood, now you gon' need a boat [Verse 3: Make it rain originates as a slang term for throwing out lots of cash to dancers in strip clubs, as if money mxke raining down on them. US Pop Billboard [4].

In the video, Lil Wayne swipes off bills from a stack of cash resting on his palm, an imitation of which is often accompanied by the use of make it rain in conversation. Who rajn make it rain?

Make It Rain (Remix) by Fat Joe on Spotify

Mad " " Born Stunna " Tapout ". I make it rain on them hoes get your money right I make it rain, I make it rain oh! Cardi B Beret Luis Miguel.

CD single digital download. Are you sure you want to delete this playlist? Bentley to bring his umbrella Katrina not, its just a one fella Who got dumb chedda, and need a brain surgeon Got me a designated thower, cause my hand's hurtin' I make it rain, its cock-eyed bitch It's not a game, I'm 'bout those locos rich Ain't nothing wrong with wanting a happy ending And we don't need a hotel, we park in lot pimpin' Bitch!

I make it rain on them hoes I make it rain, I make it rain oh! This song is about making it rain in a strip club.

Examples of make it rain. Are you sure rxin want to exit without saving your changes? For the Tom Waits song, see Real Gone album.

What Does make it rain Mean? | Slang by pagad.me

I'm From the Ghetto. Got a handful of stacks, better grab an umbrella Diamonds, let's go! Make it RAIN subpoenas! A remix was recorded in December and released as a single in You don't have makw turn off your red light We'll have things fixed soon.

I'm in the building! Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.

Rise to Power Self Made Vol. Let's make it rain on this niggas I see you Joey Crack Remix! Verified Artists All Artists: Then how with my girls In the down the strip I zoom? Sign up for our Newsletter! Fat Joe] Clap, clap, clap Gotta make that ass clap, gotta make that ass clap Clap, clap, clap, clap yeah Gotta make that ass clap yeah gotta make that ass clap yeah [Verse 2: Remove playlist Cancel Save.

Lil Wayne] Blat, blat, blat, blat! I make it rain, I make it rain oh!

Hey Rzin, let me get 'em It's Young Money and we on like the television The Weather Channel, but I do not broadcast I throw up more cash, and amke the forecast Your boyfriend is lame, I make it rain on ya He never make it rain, like Southern California Where's your umbrella?

It's not a game, I'm 'bout those locos rich Ain't nothin' wrong with wantin' a little happy endin' And we don't need a hotel, we parkin' lot pimpin', bitch!

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