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Vor fi sterse fara exceptie si fara vreo atentionare prealabila. Hodor The CO2 desorbtion from carbamate solutions for the 13C separation by chemical exchange , International Conference on Processes in Isotopes and Molecules, , 29 sept oct. Diana Krall - Charmed Life.

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Pirnau Adrian, Bogdan Mircea, I. Denisa Cuibus, Simona Rada, Horatiu Vermesan, Marius Rada, Petru Pascuta, Eugen Culea Structure and electrochemical properties of recycled active electrodes from spent lead acid battery and modified with different manganese dioxide contents5th International Conference on Green Chemistry and Technology.

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Formatia Select Mehedinti Componenta formatie: Liebscher Functionalized nanoarchitectures based on magnetic nanoparticles and pyrrole copolymersWorkshop on Nanofun internal research projects, Alicante, Spain. Prtre Cezara, Dehelean Adriana, E.


Vor fi sterse fara exceptie si fara vreo atentionare prealabila. Giurgiu Magnetic resonance investigation of Zn0. Adaugati in playlist si puteti reasculta aceste filmari ori de cate ori doriti. Adriana Deheleanu, Alina Magda?

Bratu Biomolecules-mediated reactivity of gold nanoparticlesInternational Vouca on Processes in Isotopes and Molecules,29 sept oct.

Turcu Hydrophilic magnetic nanoparticles: Cosma Soil and sediment sample analysis using alpha spectrometryInternational Conference: Turcu Preparation and characterization of magnetic nanogels with temperature responsive core and pH responsive shellInternational Conference on Processes in Isotopes and Molecules,29 sept oct.

Andreea Voica - Nunta Sebi & Larisa 'Hai mandro sa facem nunta'

Suciu Structural and microstructural characterization of nanocrystalline CuIn 0. Streza Photopyroelectric Calorimetry of Magnetic Nanofluids.

Turcu Magnetically controllable fluids: Onac, Paula Provencio, Victor J. Cotisel Lipoic acid and beta-cyclodextrin supramolecular associationsInternational Conference on Processes in Isotopes and Molecules,29 sept oct. LeVert - In N Out. Macavei Interface polarized charge transfer in core-shell half-metal magnetic nanoparticles coated with semiconductorsE-MRS Fall Meeting, Varsovia, Polonia, sept Moldovan The effect of different drinks on the color stability of graphene experimental nanocompositesInternational Symposium of Dentistry Napoca Biodentmai, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Livia Alhafez, Simina Dreve, D. Effects of different concentrations of carbon nanotubes solution upon the patern of oxidative stress generation after intraperitoneal administrationJoint Meeting of the Scandinavianand Gwerman Physiological Societies.

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Tosa Valer Kovacs Katalin, P. Pogacean Florina, Pruneanu Stela, Al.

Attila Bende Low-lying excited states and their relaxation pathways of phenothiazine11th International Conference — Processes in Isotopes and Molecules, 27 — 29 SeptemberCluj-Napoca, Romania.

Diana Terkulova - Malina.

Baldea Preliminaries on the influence of catalysts upon the 13C enrichment by chemical exchange CO2-carbamate methodInternational Conference on Processes in Isotopes and Molecules,29 sept oct.

Oniga Synthesis of some new thiazolyl-1,3,oxadiazolines and thiazolyl-carbonylazoles as potential antimicrobian agents13th Tetrahedron Symposium, iunieAmsterdam, Olanda. Development and recent applications. Liebscher Application of click chemistry for functionalization of polypyrrole coating the magnetic nanoparticles8th International Conference on the Scientific and Clinical Applications of Magnetic Carriers,mai, Rostock, Germania.

Contact formatie pentru evenimente: Effects of mesenchimal stem cell exposure to single wall carbon nanotubes involve oxidative stress mechanismJoint Meeting of the Scandinavianand Gwerman Physiological Societies.

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