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I absloutly love it and will always use it. FragranceFatale - No problem at all. It might just be the specific batch I got that might be faulty but I miss the original version. I really liked it even though the opening didn't blow me away, it was rather bitter and harsh with some screeching fruit notes. This has been one of my go to scents for years.

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The fragrance birtney becomes milky and a bit warmer with the cream, amber and a light vanilla note developing fairly quickly. I remember one of my friends had a bottle and would let all of us spray it liberally at sleepovers. Yummy, creamy-juicy, so fresh and summery. I not sure about silage but when I've sprayed, my hubby could smell easily from an arm distance several minutes after applying.

This is a classy gourmand to me. Guess which one had the best sillage and staying power? So I'm out of a hundred bucks but at least little sister is happy, she now has "Fantasy" "Curious" and "Believe. At least that's how I feel about it, but I'm not exactly the most classy person lol. I have a bottle ofI've never smelled the old formulation but this perfume is brtney precious for me, may it be uniquely for its very accomplished quince note.

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Still like it though but it isn't as amazing as it once was. At first I got a little disappointed since it only smelled like alcohol and Fantasy Intimate edition.

I have been using it for years, and I always come back to it. A car freshener or something. Archived from the original on July 6, I perfuem Fantasy on now and I really like it.

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Lol I couldn't briteny it off my head, I was craving for the scent. Surprisingly I could smell the base of Private Show from this fragrance after 5 hours too, only without the coffee note.

It was also one of my first introductions to gourmande scents,which is spers type of perfume i usually tend to go for! Reasonable perfume, considering the price.

Sillage and longevity are weak to faintly moderate on me having to reapply is fine with me! I like it, but I would not buy a full bottle.

The one time I wore it I could actually feel the delicious gourmand notes. It's hard not to love this fragrance, it's charming and simple--vanilla cupcakes with an initial burst of kiwi.

It's not as bold nor as exciting as some of her other fruity floral scents like Midnight Fantasy and Believe. I can still notice the slightly lemony from it but much milder than before.

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I have st least 3 or 4 in my collection. And don't get me wrong, I do like this scent, I will wear it.

But I didn't try to layer them yet because you know Fantasy, it's princess on her own, loud and proud perfume without compromising. However I have to stress that my version really smells very white-chocolate cupcakey to begin with, zpears not one of those sour kiwi disasters that some of you speak of. It doesn't smell fruity,flowery or citrusy.

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I love it so much that i bought 2 bottles one of it is the tester unit bottle which means its in grey box instead in the colorful box like the other one. It used to be a much more heady and strong gourmand scent, whereas now it has not only been reformulated and watered peffume, but it also has really cheap feeling packaging.

A spray is more than enough, it is very strong and has a good persistence! I'll be honest I don't love the opening, but fruity notes disappear on my skin easily I find. Nice bottles, nice perfumes. Just one bottle smelled Gourmand.

Personally I prefer the Midnight Fantasy.

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