Fm static critically ashamed

I said it was shorter in comparison to your other reviews. The 3 sound-offs make this sound as if it's the best album of the decade. But the real offender is Tonight , an absolutely putrid concoction of radio-friendly cheese which treads dangerously close to Nickelcreed territory. Site Copyright Sputnikmusic.

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ReturnToRock August 15th Comments.

FM Static | Music fanart |

But as a sophomore outing, Ashamed is very weak. Enforcer Death By Fire. Login Create a Profile. Site Copyright Sputnikmusic.

Critically Ashamed

Unfortunately, nice lyrics are nothing without good songwriting behind them, and this is where the band really falters. I could end the review here, since describing FM Static is as simple as that. No less than three songs talk about this, and everyone and their mothers gets namedropped. Oddly, both songs complain about how MTV is no longer about music, and both do it on the chorus.

You have to be logged in to post a comment. Overall, then, Critically Ashamed suffers from being extremely derivative and mostly quite uninteresting. And this leads us to another peculiar feature of this album: From the Gallery of Sleep.

Even closer Moment of Truthwhose all-acoustic format garners attention for a second, suffers from being excessively sappy. FM Static Critically Ashamed 1. But the real offender is Tonightan absolutely putrid concoction statlc radio-friendly cheese which treads dangerously close to Nickelcreed territory.

In general, the songs are merely critically and nondescript, with choruses that try their best to leave a mark, but mostly fail. What Are You Waiting For?

Keep working on efficiency mate, you'll get there. I never said it was short Pedro. This brief piece works because: ReturnToRock August 6th Comments. Werefox I Am Memory.

I said it sstatic shorter in comparison to your other reviews. Big Ball Hotter than Hell. I'm sure most would like it Oooh, are your reviews getting slightly shorter Pedro?

FM Static - Critically Ashamed.jpg

But the real offenders here are the slow tracks. The other slow tracks rank alongside the more bouncy ashwmed as merely being bland and unnoticeable. McNevan and Augustine went on to release ashame album, Dear Diaryjust out this year.

As for lyrics, when the group is not crafting clever one-liners at the expense of pop celebrities, they choose to write juvenile love songs The Video StoreTonight or, alternatively, bludgeon us with a less-than-subtle Christian message Six Candles.

Sound City Players Sound City: The 3 sound-offs make this sound as if it's the best album of the decade. Among the twelve tracks, there is hardly one that manages to raise attention beyond its lyrics.

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