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It probably represents our inner computer geek. I recently told my son Albert this story, he thought it was funny, though a little offended that I thought he was a fat baby! The opportunity to creatively direct the development of FS Albert Pro meant that my time was still available for other projects whilst I got the best out of the expansion of FS Albert for a global market. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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Designing type for a living is a bit like recording a song. What was your vision for the process? Haike Bold Bold Italic. After a few weeks Phil came up with a varied range of designs.

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We had completed a regular and a bold weight but the typeface was put on standby. Feee inspired you about this project? Channel 4 The story of a game-changer by Jason Smith.

GM Exp Offset Outline 1. Conrad got his sketchbook out and showed us his theories, it was a great evening of Guinness and philosophy. At this point I was still naive gont thinking that design could happen on a blank page without an objective. Because we were dealing with an online video service, legibility on screen was one of the key elements we had to consider.

Some years later I became the in-house lettering artist for a company called Wagstaffs.

It displays much more bold on their pc than on mine, the line of text becomes longer and dosen't fit into the design anymore. Put simply, he explores physics and philosophy and presents it to us in sculptural and mechanical form. We went for a walk around Clerkenwell, listening to conversations overheard on trains and in pubs.

His background in multiple visual areas — namely architecture, typography, graphic design and illustration — guides his search for creating innovative and original, yet functional and well-constructed typefaces. Submit a new link.

We dived into the exploratory process by spending a few weeks, going through our library of shapes: Working on these projects has helped us as a foundry to view type design differently in terms of its wider implications in a brand context. I'm sure I downloaded from Abstract fonts some time ago lla I can't find it.

I wanted to create a typeface that was perfect in each letter.

Each one copied and sculpted to achieve a new flavour. For quite a while I had the idea for a clunky, slabby serif with one side flat and one side curved, to lead your eye in and out of a word.

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I chatted to them, tried to find out what they liked to look at, what colours they liked, what fonts they thought were good and why. The design went back and forth between Jason and I, who made comments and corrected the curves.

Where was I going to start with trying to understand his ideas? We come together at the end of the day, stick our prints up as typographic wallpaper, and feee each other's ideas down We sat down together and chose what turned out to be Alvar, Kitty, Pele, and Sinclair.

Zyphyte Offset Oblique 1. Over the next few years he developed and designed a series of typefaces and in released them in his own library.

FS Lola free font download

I learned something; I needed to define a creative process for the marks I was making. Thank you in advance!

Our firm, dogmatic approach was focussed on linking the forms through the grid, lolz keep letter relationships and widths constant without sacrificing legibility. But it was only when I started working with David Quay that I really drew logo ideas, built up from expressive calligraphy and redrawn into typographic solutions. The sell was a robust and strong font, with a human, friendly face.

Caslon Bold Italic BT.

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