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With waveform control of the power source, ordinary volt and ammeters are useless for determining arc energy; the only way to measure the arc energy is to measure the volts and amps instantaneously and to integrate those measurements over time. Must've been a hiccup with their provider or mine Arizona - Section Again, assuming the same qualified maximum heat input, one might specify a voltage range of 28 to 30, then using 30 volts, prepare the following table: These changes become mandatory January 1,

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ASME BPVC IX (2010): Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Part IX, Welding and Brazing Qualifications

Mechanisms for advising users of errata and errors will be developed so that anybody who buys a Code book will notified of such matters, and we should expect to see more use of Code Cases to provide interim rules between editions so that new technology can be implemented in a timely manner without getting hung up by publication cycles. Each web page of ShopNotes journal will make you a greater woodworker, since you get extra woodworking plans, extra woodworking options, extra woodworking jigs, and extra approximately woodworking instruments — and never a unmarried advert.

The other down of this technology is that it is not cheap.

The formulae for heat input using instantaneous energy or power measurements are: The sketches now show only cut lines. For those who have older waveform controlled power sources that cannot be upgraded, the only route dec measure power is to purchase add-on meters which are expected to be on the market soon.

If this is your situation, keep in mind that the test coupon you weld for impact tested qualifications only has to be big enough to extract the required impact test specimens and that tension and bend testing normally does not have to be repeated; see QW The over papers awarded have been conscientiously reviewed and chosen from sfc variety of submissions. The welder deposits a weld bead of some length, measures that length and divides it into the power or energy X seconds shown on the power or energy meter.

Download ASME Section IX 2010 ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, by ASME PDF

If in doubt, ask the power source manufacturer what the transfer mode is for your particular setup. Iix Robert, I found the same article in this.

Drawing and Related Documentation Practices. If in doubt, ask the power source manufacturer. Maybe he's moving to another service provider. The acceptance criteria are similar to those for radiography.

Table QW has a new footnote limiting the thickness of base metal and weld metal qualified to 2T or 2t respectively for electrogas welding. These grades were also added as A fittings.

One subtle change that was not directly associated with addition of ultrasonic examination of performance test coupons but resulted from discussion during the meeting is that QW Significant changes and related discussion are reported by Walter J.

In addition, footnote 1 of QB By Date Section IX does not require any separate testing of the welder when using waveform controlled power sources, but they are sufficiently different that a welder qualified with an ordinary power source should get training in how to use his new waveform controlled power supply, and he should practice with it before going into production.

A, fusion welded pipe, was added as Grade 91 with a P-number of PE, Group 1; it should be noted that the ASTM specification for this material requires it to be normalized and tempered after welding. Using the power or energy route, the WPS asmd specify that the power or energy per inch of weld may not exceed some value.

It does take a minute or two Depending what type of computer one has with respect to upload speed. How about the reverse of that scenario? Welder Qualification QW Changes Welders and welding operator test coupons and production welds will be allowed to be ultrasonically examined as of the Edition of Section IX.

Welding and Brazing Qualifications. Revised pages are marked with "10" near the para.

Summary of Changes in ASME Sec IX, Edition

As used for waveform controlled welding, the determination of power or energy using the product of current and voltage measurements made at rapid intervals which capture brief changes in the welding waveform. Good stuff but maybe easier just to send people to Walt's website as 0210 has a myriad of excellent articles there! Page 7 of 10 the rogue flaw characteristic of GMAW-S can be difficult to find using radiography, that is not the case when using ultrasonic examination.

Solution heat treating a duplex stainless steel has the same effect, and these addenda revised the above variables to make them not applicable when either an austenitic or a duplex stainless steel is solution heat treated. This ability to rapidly control id volts and amps also allows the programmer to control the transfer of metal across the arc very closely in spray pulse welding, precisely controlling the droplet shape, the bead shape, penetration, wetting and arc energy.

San Francisco asne Section 200, I have had Walt's site in my own bookmarks for quite some time now Jon which is why I posted that something wasn't working right from their end because, I also used the bookmark to go to the site and it didn't work either, so who knows what the heck happened the other day. One obvious conclusion is that WPSs that have been qualified using traditional non-waveform controlled power supplies 20110 be revised to specify power or energy per unit length of weld bead when specifying use of a waveform controlled power source without requalification.

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