Comsol multiphysics 4.2

When used for geometrically nonlinear analysis, a shell can be predeformed or prestressed and the modified modal frequency is automatically computed with aid of a very sophisticated and general linearization algorithm. Coordinate-Based Selections When analyzing multiple slightly modified versions of the same part, Coordinate-Based Selections provide a quick way of repeating a simulation without having to change any material settings, boundary conditions or mesh parameters. The picture shows the accumulated height of Silicon deposited on the wafer surface as a function of time.

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Automatic Remeshing makes more extreme deformation states possible where a simulation with moving mesh is used.

COMSOL Release Highlights

A simulation of water flow in a 90 degree pipe elbow. In the Results node of the Model Builder tree, new default xomsol are now adapted to the physics in the model with descriptive names of the created plot groups.

An adaptive mesh was used to increase accuracy. Temperature Distribution in a Thermos This example solves for the temperature distribution inside a thermos holding hot coffee. This means that the full power of COMSOL Multiphysics is available for DEM geometry representations and can applied to any single physics or multiphysics simulation such as subsurface flow, electromagnetics, acoustics, and structural mechanics.

Two parameters, relating the volume and exchange rate of the two regions, are found by parameter. Physics Selection in Study Steps A new Physics Selection utility makes it easy to activate or deactivate select Physics Interfaces during the modeling process.

COMSOL a Release Highlights

Streamlines can now be visualized using ribbon plots where the width and color of the ribbons can be controlled by an arbitrary expression. Convergence plots are now available for monitoring convergence of nonlinear, iterative, and time-dependent solvers.

The Thermoacoustic-Solid Interaction interfaces combine features from the Thermoacoustics and Solid Mechanics interfaces. A four-port electrostatics simulation results in a 4-by-4 capacitance matrix which is displayed in table form. Electrodeposition Module The Electrodeposition Module brings the power of COMSOL Multiphysics to electrochemical processes for such diverse applications as chrome plating in automotive industry, e-coating, electro-coloring, decorative electroplating, and electrodeposition for PCB manufacturing.

The Microfluidics Module brings easy-to-use tools for the study of microfluidic devices and rarefied gas flows. The default option is to create three slice planes parallel to the x, y, and z coordinate planes. Curves can be open, closed, or automatically be turned into a solid object.

This shell property makes is possible to model thin structures where the midsurface is offset from the location of the boundary of the original COMSOL geometry. The virtual geometry functionality comol been generalized to cover swept meshes for geometry objects with surfaces where virtual geometry operations have been made.

This functionality is important for periodic boundary condition applications with high-accuracy requirements such as cyclic symmetry for structural analysis and Floquet boundary conditions for electromagnetic wave propagation. Convergence Plot for Solvers Convergence plots are now available for monitoring convergence of nonlinear, iterative, and time-dependent solvers.

Fan and Grill Boundary Conditions Electronic cooling simulations are made easier by the new Fan and Grill boundary conditions. A new Physics Selection utility makes it easy to activate or deactivate select Physics Interfaces during the modeling process.

A coordinate-box selection is used to select all objects within the box and to apply fixed constraints to the eight mounting bolts. Interpolation Curves Interpolation curves can be created from tabulated multiphysisc or x,y,z data in both 2D and 3D.

The Geomechanics Module is a specialized add-on to the Structural Mechanics Module for simulation of geotechnical applications such as tunnels, excavations, slope stability, and retaining structures. A flow simulation of the structure is run against a mesh multiphysixs on a single rectangle.

Any add-on module combines seamlessly with the Particle Tracing Module and gives you access to additional modeling tools and fields to drive the particle motion. Cooling of a lithium-ion battery pack multilhysics automotive applications. New Infinite Elements allow the current balance of electrodes and electrolyte to account for unbounded, or infinite, domains.

A new tutorial of a condenser microphone shows how to setup a multiphysics model combining electrical, mechanical, and thermoacoustics effects. When the mesh is deformed beyond a user-defined mesh quality threshold, the automatic remeshing activates, and the simulation is automatically continued, starting from the new mesh. RMS and Variance of Data Series For Derived Values, you can apply an operation such as the integral or maximum of the averaged quantity for the data series.

In this example, the expression nitf. The default is still 2D work plane sketching but you can permanently switch the new work plane behavior on by changing a preference entry. Automatic scaling is now enabled for handling CAD models of vastly different length scales ranging from nanodevices to mountains and beyond. By combining the Particle Tracing Module and the Plasma Module, it is now possible to compute the ion energy distribution function and the angular distribution function.

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