Avi recomp 1.5.5

Remaining "Audio 1" and "Audio 2" buttons after adding a job to the queue with reset settings activated. Corrupted display of unknown quantisation matrix. Improved Unicode support in some places. More Easy to use for converting larger AVI files to smaller high quality

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Incorrect behaviour when Stay on top option was reconp. PROS Simple, easy to use user interface Supports AVI files with a wide range of audio formats, including support for various subtitle file 1.5. as well Included cropping tool allows you to crop out black borders in existing footage, or add your own and overlay your own subtitles before burning to DVD Batch encoding enables you to recompress multiple files easily.

In fact Its due for an update hopefully soon Unexpected application errors when more than one job failed. Both resizing and cropping previews and tools windows are now dragable and accessible in the same time. Incorrect detection of some decoding libraries i.

Conflict between two different source files if one of them was loaded via command line option. Adding own logo bitmaps watermarks. Nov 5, [changed] XviD updated to version 1. Encodes are massively undersized, bad quality and when the program is running my PC becomes unsatble due to very high processor demands.

Wrong F1 Help content for some UI items. It works only on bit Windows.

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I tried it on my older AthlonX2 system and it was even worse. Duplication of links or content is strictly prohibited. Serious bug when recompressing files with size larger than 4 GB. aiv

Rearrangement of some GUI elements. Improved the behaviour of "Up", "Down" and "Delete" buttons from the "Queue" tab.

AVI ReComp

The "Translation Guide" is now moved to the Help file. Improved the preview generating process. Checking if the selected translation is complete.

Mar 18, [new] new option - audio converting feature new option - editing AviSynth scripts multiaudio support new warnings - XviD possibilities exceeded new hints for very long source and input paths new Bulgarian translation thanks to bashman [changed] AviSynth updated to version 2.

Some GUI corrections and adjustments. I have in the past seen problems installing a new version of xvid overtop old version.

It may not contain the latest versions. Mar 4, [new] new option: New audio resampling feature. You can return to the main page for this software by clicking here. Don't leave without your download!

In the future I'm going to create many new and very useful features. Incorrect behaviour of the AVS script editor window.

AVI ReComp Free Download

XviD updated to Koepi's build from Improved handling exceptions and errors on aborting jobs. Added some new balloon hints tooltips.

So if you want burnt in subtitles, you can use this software. I have been using Avi Recomp for years and version 1. Job settings are now saved and restored on the next start up.

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