Best minecraft buildings

We're using cookies to improve your experience. Hoth from Star Wars: The castle in the background is based on Fairfax Castle from the game Fable and you can look through an album that features the lighthouse in more detail here. Check out all the angles to get a sense of the scale. It also features many custom-built designs.

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You can play this custom mini-game, complete with a redstone-powered digital stopwatch, checkpoints, power-ups and spring-loaded pressure plates. The Bedrock Dome Two players on a private server piqued Reddit's interest when they committed to digging an enormous hole down to the bedrock the lowest point you can reach in Minecraft and sealing it up with a giant glass dome.

You can get progress reports on their websiteand even download the updated worlds as they progress. Image courtesy of randomginger This one can load 16 lines buipdings code into "RAM" memoryperform division and display hexadecimal notation.

Not only can you visit recreations of famous sites like the Eiffel Tower but you can pop into fantasy worlds like Game of Throne's King's Landing besg. All that you see is the framework of a roleplay server in the making, but personally I think it does a great job of just being a very, very pretty build. The towering city is the work of just two players, LG and ThatDutchLad, and has become so popular that it now has its own subreddit.

And Mars Minecraft is just as detailed. One Minecraft block is a meter cubed, so the scale here is actually pretty massive, affording the creator a granular level of detail.

Renaissance Town A delightful render of a European-style cathedral by mimecraft bay. The site of the epic battle from The Return of the King is recreated here in painstaking detail. Its creator bst mods to generate rail resources and change some textures, but it's an accomplishment nonetheless.

What's better than a meter tall Nyan Cat? Hoth from Star Wars: Image courtesy of georgem Ex On The Beach Spoiler: Alright, maybe the World of Keralis is a bit too real.

50 Minecraft Creations You Have to See To Believe () | Nerd Much?

Even if you haven't played Minecraftit's likely you have a child, friend or online pal who's obsessed with the creative building minecrqft. My Little Pony Pixel Art Taking pixel art to the next level, forum user Thegoon3 posted a collection of his 2D My Little Pony creations, which contain anywhere from 10, to 50, blocks.

minwcraft All of them are testaments to the power of the most successful indie video game of all time. Plane Crash Though somewhat morbid, this downed jet in an unforgiving jungle biome might be the start of a new J. The concept behind this sounded particularly silly and, while whatever Domovoi Lazaroth had down on paper was clearly the scribblings of a lunatic inventor, the end result is really rather remarkable.

The best Minecraft builds: 30 incredible projects you have to see

Imgur 17 of 27 Pirate ship ahoy! This odd, myopic little build is actually quite impressive when you think about it. All hail the Giant Wall Of Bieber. Grab the hi-res version buildins.

Occasionally, a super genius will use redstone to create logic gates - essentially, the electric signal moderators that power actual computers. This ridiculously detailed build of the capitol city from Game of Thrones made headlines in January.

The video fly-through is worth a peek. Spires, temples, fountains and even hot air balloons punctuate this ancient cityscape. It may not be the most beautiful architecture ever conceived, but it was done "legit" in Survival Mode -- meaning, minecrsft single block was painstakingly mined, processed and placed by hand.

A delightful render of a European-style cathedral by the bay. Taking pixel art to the next level, forum user Thegoon3 posted a collection of his 2D My Little Buildinngs creations, which contain anywhere from 10, to 50, blocks. Image courtesy of Eliteabix.

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