District b13 2004

Disctrict 13 is the name given to a problematic poor district in greater Paris. Retrieved April 7, Alexandre Rossi Martine Rapin. Its a head bashing good time.

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The residents are forced to survive without public services such as schools, police departments, and vital utilities. Talk about short and sweet.

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Movie Info A nuclear weapon has been stolen by the most powerful gang in Paris' treacherous, walled-in ghetto, and it's up to a determined cop and a vigilante criminal in search of his sister to infiltrate the sector, save the girl, and get the bomb out of the bad guys' hands in an action-packed tale produced by Luc Besson and directed by cinematographer Pierre Morel.

To hear "tout le merde" come out of a huge, gun-wielding gangster will take a bad day and make it better. It's h13 just a series of high octane shoot outs and bone crunching fight sequences as a buddy duo join forces to reach their respective dostrict the bomb and the rescue of a resident's sister.

Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Gadner Jerome as K2 Boy 1. It's a movie that knows it's inches from completely awful and is proud of it.

Archived from the original on 24 April Aug 23, Full Review…. After fighting their way to the building, Damien calls his contact to receive the deactivation code.

I was delighted by the balletic and acrobatic stunts, some of which evoke Tarzan. Archived from the original on June 15, Archived from the original on June 6, To see this combined with an action film that has a decent storyline is truly awesome. Unable to control B13, the authorities surround the entire area with a high wall topped by barbed tapeforcing the inhabitants within to survive without education, proper utilities or police protection.

Jun 24, Rating: Genres thriller action science fiction. Pierre Morel gets District B13 in, over, and around the block.

A million euros' worth of drugs has been stolen and some seriously bad guys go in search of the thief and his feisty sister. B31 Berthillot as Le gros mercenaire. Real-life events have overtaken District B13, and they give this feverish, yet oddly flat French action adventure a whiff of substance to go along with its spectacular stunts. View All Audience Reviews.

‎District B13 () directed by Pierre Morel • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd

District B13 was set only four years into the future, in Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here He needs a guide, and Leito is it; if he can get Leito to agree. Tony D'Amario as K2. It has story like the Raid should have had, it has chases like nobody's business, and I could never take my eyes off the two protagonists, even when I tried.

You kids are crazy. District B13 Banlieue 13 The Sydney Morning Herald.

District B13 (2004), Monday, December 26

The whole "near future" premise is really just an excuse to make you swallow the greater implausibilites in the plot, as there's little here to mark it out as sci-fi.

For other uses, see District 13 disambiguation. Lyes Salem as Samy.

Police checkpoints stop anybody going in or out. Patrick Olivier as Le colonel. Jun 6, Full Review….

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