Hip hop abs 30-day workout calendar

Go to Cart Keep Shopping. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I also have Hip Hops Abs which I must say is absolutely brilliant. Shaun T includes combination core workout moves that you never imagined would target the abdominal muscles. Every time before you do a new workout that is unfamiliar to you, just set couple of minutes aside from your day and watch the moves, trying to figure them out.

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If you are new to healthy diet and ingredients, then by all means follow the book — it is short, provides meal recipes that are easy to moderately complex to prepare, and might even end up transforming your eating habits- I now know for a fact that I can restrain myself from every cookie offering my mother throws at me. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Hips, Buns and Thighs Workout 25 minutes — Lift and firm those stubborn problem areas.

Fat Burning Cardio Day 6: The dance aspect of the program forces you to concentrate on the movements alone, and while other workouts know how to bore you down with repetitiveness, Hip Hop abs keeps you engaged and animated throughout. Most of my weight was lost, as I suspect, in the lower parts of my body.

If you are looking for a fun workout that will be entertaining and help ease you into fitness, this program will definitely meet your expectations.

You can also check our new workout program Fitness Updated there is a free 7 day trial without credit card neededand there you will find a lot of options for customization, and a lot of cardio ab-specific workouts as well.

Oh, and as to further track your results, you will get a tape and a measurement card.

Portion controlmore veggies, and down to 1 pop a day. Beachbody On Demand Streaming Workouts. Nowadays, whenever I need to do a workout I just play fat burning cardio and it is more than enough. Regardless of your approach, make sure to take at least one week of rest after the program is over whether that is 4 weeks or 8 weeks.

Hip Hop Abs Review – Detailed and Unbiased

The whole workout lasts for 24 minutes along with the stretch at the very end. I wanted to ask if the Hip Hop Abs workout actually works?

And here is why; before she got her hands on the workout, I wanted to offer my experience in fitness and predict, with as much certainty as I could, what this workout was going to deliver. Who is Hip Hop Abs For? Bear in mind also that muscle weighs more than fat.

When I arrive home from work, exhausted from working the full day, my pick-me-up is doing my Hip Hop Abs exercise each evening. I h Reply One of the pictures shows the 4 week calendar. Really fun and efficient!!! Reply whether is there any break between Fat Burning Cardio and ab Sculpt video or not.

Secrets to Flat Abs In this workout, Shaun shares his training techniques to help you target every inch of your abdominal muscles.

For readers to be well informed and able to make an honest judgment we knew we had to hire someone workput help us; someone who — putting it mildly — is just as detailed and just as obsessed when jumping into a new exercise routine.

If someone posts for you could you send it my way?

Hip Hop Abs Workout Calendar pdf

Plus an Additional Bonus with your order! I will check for my calendar. Reply Click here to cancel reply. Join a Facebook Group.

I lost my 30 day plan as well. A mat on the floor, or any other soft material in fact. But I digress… Cardio is way better now and my recreational weekend rides are much more fun.

Namely, all the continuous movements made me lose a great deal of fat tissue off my thighs, and the calves became defined as well, meaning I drained calsndar fat tissue from there also. I have HHA at home.

Hip Hop Abs Reviews

All in all the workouts force you to maintain one rather prolonged isometric crunch, thus activating your abs while still doing cardio. Just give Shaun 5 minutes and you're guaranteed an ab workout that's fast, fun, and effective.

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