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Archived from the original on 24 December Then use the Tempo tab to refine the resulting tempo map The Lock button in the Waveform Editor title bar lets you use all of the familiar controls in DP's main transport panel to control playback and selection in the Waveform Editor. As long as the audio material is monophonic in the sense that it consists of a single instrument or voice such as a lead vocal or saxophone track , then you can apply a wide variety of tools in Digital Performer to adjust the pitch Pitch correction can be achieved by selecting the pencil tool and simply drawing in the corrections.

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Horse racing experts as well as novice fans are truly enjoying the most exciting horse racing games ever! As a contributor to leading websites and forums Mike has gained a reputation as a writer who tackles the big issues in the sport head on. PS2 and PS3 Published by Koei Winning post 7 is horse-racing simulation with a big emphasis on cultivating a stable of thoroughbreds. It also includes experimental Oculus Rift VR headset support. Named after the great golfer, this 4-year-old gelding is up for Horse of The Year.