2015 cfa level 2 schweser notes

I just worked off the Schwesers and passed in June. Was a stat I saw somewhere back in November, although I clearly misread. I would say start earlier, and you can always take it easier later on.

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L2 is the most difficult level to pass. Verbal abuse and harassment are not tolerated. They frequently wear their class jackets cf boston bars, strutting and acting like they own the joint.

That was the majority of the time spent for me on Level II - trying to memorize everything. I used those and never opened the official books and did fine.

CFA Level 2 Schweser Notes Quicksheet Book The Fast | eBay

Thanks numi, much appreciated. Natural Resourc Chicago Board O. Nonetheless, learned a lot- will resit next year if I have to. CFA is essentially all just formula and lists Two things stood out for me for Level II: Studying for L3 at the moment and really think it is the hardest.

Here's the short story of my background. Most eventually get taken down though BC copywrite infringements, hence why I'm not posting a link.

Can I study off old Schweser notes

Does anyone agree or disagree and if the latter, do you have any insight on other providers for lvl 2 study material? Just took it schwewer I don't know yet if I passed.

CFA level 2 - Much of a difference? I am an Accounting and finance Major, more accounting than finance rather. Focus on getting through the readings as fast as you can, do the end of chapter questions, then at the end do practice tests, and redo the EOCs again until you understand vast majority I thought this last point was the key as these were closest to the actual exam questions - there are only so many ways they can test the material so getting reps in here helps a lot.

For those of you looking to make sure your CV The material contained within these heavyweight topics is a lot, and if candidates aren't aware of which are key, they can mismanage their study time by spending too little effort on the key topics.

Feb 4, - 1: I always feel bad for people going through the CFA. Took L1 in June and passed it.

Can I study off old Schweser notes | AnalystForum

It's even more dynamic than L2 in my opinion. Many candidates assume the same routine that worked for them in Level I, not knowing they need to double their efforts. The fixed income section is ugly.

I'll tell you in 2 weeks when results come out how much you should need. If you don't have a background in statistics, then Quant is a btch. When answering questions, you often have to refer back to the passage and reread certain areas.

Make sure you can answer all the 'blue box' questions. I am quite slow with accounting, and not sure what's going on here. Practice Exam 3 complete practice exams with detailed explanations. The sxhweser has simply disappeared after withdrawing my money from western union. And in this article, I'll address four important points why Level II is so challenging to pass. Mar 5, - 9:

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