Analytical reasoning questions and answers

Hence Ravi is sitting in second position from left. A is in car-3 E is in car-3 F is in car-2 G is in car Assuming all peoples are sitting in a row , Identify name of the Trainer?

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Which of the animal is in the middle? If A and H are in car-3, which one of following should be true? Kathy Rice Paul Jonathan Jenny. As per the statements in the question the series must be as following.

NTS Practice Test

C is the third video played. Suresh Rajeev Ravi Manoj. D is the fifth video played. Lavish is sitting between Gaurav and Akhin. Boro standing right to Kavya. It seems that you have disabled your Javascript. Assuming all the kids are standing in a single row and all are facing towards east. Hence Kavya and Pavani are the right answers. Anaoytical Paul, Kathy, Kevin, The topmost row had the display of jam bottles.

The Australian captain is on the right side of the Germany captain but was to the left side of the Argentina's captain. A is daughter of B. Find out who is standing in the right end? Biscuits are below chips, chocolates are below biscuits, peppermints are below chocolates and cakes are at the bottom.

E is in car-1 B is in car-2 F is in car-2 C is in car-3 Q. How to apply for NTS Test. Akin is a Sales Managerwho is analyical next to a Trainer.

Kevin Bryan Bill Rice Paul. C Kavya and Pavani. Clearly the sequence abalytical Sharon and Gaurav are sitting in the extreme left and extreme right respectively.

Manoj sitting to the right of Rajeev. Kavya is sitting next to ReenaReena is sitting on the extreme left and Triveni is not sitting next to Kavya. Assuming all peoples are sitting in a rowIdentify Akhin's position from left? Here note that the squares and rectangles are also counted amongst the parallelograms. The order of books is as follows:.

Analytical Reasoning - Non Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers

Which statement in the following is true? The remaining profession is Cook which must be Padma's profession.

Bill is standing left to Bryan but right to Rice Paul. First position Second position Third position Fourth position. There are two books between Geography and Science books.

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