Aqua zumba dvd

Cardio with Intense Resistance - Burn fat and tone your muscles with this non-stop, intense water workout that maximizes water's resistance. This informative program will benefit swimming coaches and swimmers at all developmental levels. It's like having a personal lesson with Terry. Tone and reshape your body while maximizing the force of the water. He shares several important training tips and drills that will help swimmers of all levels.

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A total strengthening, toning and stretching workout! In this DVD, five-time Olympic Gold Medalist Tom Jager teaches a young swim team training tips and drills designed to develop a faster competitive butterfly stroke.

Backstroke for Every Body - Learn the best techniques for learning or improving your mastery of the backstroke with this unique instructional DVD.

After 40 years as mainly a freestyle swimmer, Total Immersion founder Terry Laughlin decided to transform himself into a complete swimmer at age 55 and the all-new drill sequences he developed in the process are illustrated in Breaststroke for Every Body.

One full length Noodle, and two half length Noodles full length cut in half. Uniquely beneficial in improving posture; Lower Body Base Moves - aerobic movements including leaps, lunges, kicks, and walking variations that elevate the heart rate, zuma fat and tone the gluteals, thighs and abdominals; Impact Variations - learn how to modify each of the base dgd to limit or increase the impact and intensity.

Consult your physician before starting any diet, dance, fitness, exercise or sports program.

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Strengthen your core with unique unilateral movements and Pilates style strengthening. Improve strength, posture, and balance while enjoying a unique and unbelievably effective new approach to aquatic fitness that provides virtually non-impact aerobics with emphasis on stabilizing the trunk to improve endurance and muscle tone.

Energize your workout with motivating instrumental music providing the perfect tempo and feel for a water workout BPM. Captivating music and sound effects will motivate and cue you through the interval cycles. This "user friendly" workout will make your body stronger, leaner, and visibly slimmer. Aqua Latin Rhythms is a phenomenal cardiovascular water workout with fun, invigorating, and dynamic dances aqux south of the border.

Aqua - Group Fitness Presenter and Aqua Aerobics Instructor, Choreography, DVD, Step, Hi-Lo

This is the perfect workout for beginner to advanced levels. Sports Info Sports Videos. The mix of low-impact movements which are soft on the joints due to the water's lift works wonders.

The Special Features section provides additional tips and advice for swimmers, parents, and coaches.

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These segments were shot in a current pool, with both camera and swimmer stationary, allowing for lengthy study of the movements. Warm-Up - gradually elevates heart rate with muscle conditioning and mild stretching; Upper Body Toning - extremely effective exercises specifically designed to strengthen each of the major muscle groups dv the chest, back and arms.

Also shows examples of imperfect skills illustrating likely stroke and drill errors to watch out for. The hopping, jumping and running movements so prevalent in most water aerobic classes are replaced by muscle specific, precise movements performed through a full range of motion.

Tone and reshape your body while maximizing the force of the water. Breathing is sometimes viewed as a liability or inconvenience, but when you do it right, breathing can actually make your stroke better. Detailed studies with focal points for practice cover these three major strokes: You'll learn how to maximize the water's resistance and challenge each muscle group.

The sound of bubbles indicates the Cardio section, drum beats for the Strength training, and a siren signifies the Power section. Though you may not be as strong or as supple as you were at 25, like Terry you can still swim your best by following the tips in this section.

Currently, Tom is the head coach for the women's swimming team at the University of Idaho. Includes the Aqua Combo Splash Video described above along with two companion CDs - one with and one without vocal cuing.

Includes a companion CD.

It's like having a personal lesson with Terry. Aqua exercise has long been recommended for people with certain medical conditions, including arthritis, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia. Also featured on this DVD: Warm-up; Demonstration of the five essential arm patterns; Cardio workout - nine great routines; Cool down - stretching and relaxation exercises.

This self-teaching DVD offers a simple, clear, common-sense approach to learning to move through the water easily, comfortably, and so pleasurably that your practice time becomes the healthiest, most rewarding, part of your day. This DVD shows you how, using water bowl exercises, shallow water exercises, skills in drills and whole stroke breathing skills. In this comprehensive DVD, Tom Jager covers the essential details of starts, turns, and finishes for the freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly, and backstroke.

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