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This claim seemed incredibly far-fetched, but through curiosity alone, I purchased this e-book to see what kind of techniques it was offering. Newer Post Older Post Home. So you will have to do it like it is your new bible without fail. Dr Amin Yousaf has the intention of providing innovative medical solutions with pioneered tested techniques and procedures under the hands of renowned Doctors, leading us to our growth in future.

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Aggain Billy June 2, at 5: Interestingly, it is so simple and only take 3 minutes a day. So, in the first chapter, John teaches me how to make the hair follicles fertile again so that more hair will grow.

Its basically 30 odd pages of flannel and one page that tells you to boil a few herbs and spray it onto your head for three months. Newer Post Older Post Home. I just hate reading books like these where it takes so long just to agsin to the point.

It doesn't surprise me at all that guys still fall for this kind of stuff.

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The product comes with a 60 days money back guarantee as John claims that product starts showing effects within 2 weeks. Please let hwir know about the program and the PDF he has sold out. Putting It All Together Chapter With all the shit going around about the only real effective treatment propecia that we have, the only alternative that ahain guys have are scams. Kelby guarantees hair regrowth in just three weeks, no matter what stage of balding you are at.

The time now is John has suggested many nutritious foods to be included in the zgain life. In this program, he stresses on the importance of natural ke,by in battling the hair loss.

In both cases I got the same results but After I stopped in It all went back to the same as it was before I started but I never actually used part 2 of the program which is how to maintain it. Last Post By timpson Has anyone tried before?

Last Post By JoeTillman. Yes It does I am here to confirm that the program does work but that does not mean that I highly recommended it.

It amazes me that in people would still fall for this stuff. Inside of this book, John reveals his methods that can be used to regrow hair again after it has been lost to male pattern baldness. Quit Starving Your Hair! Shy Browser 7 August at Getting That Tingly Feeling Chapter 9: He also suggested a har natural ingredient for head massage and other natural cures for male pattern baldness.

I just need to follow the very simple day-to-day regimen. You can visit here: So this most probably contributes to the results.

John kelby / Hair Again Program / Real or Disappointing -

It was very impressed when I finished reading this material and have recommended it to everyone who have the same problem. John is a former balding man who wrote this book after years of medical research and development in hair loss and holistic restoration methods. Exploring Your Options Chapter 5: By burtgold in forum Hair Loss Treatments Replies: Honestly, if you're trying to battle hair loss then don't waste a single penny on Hair Again - it's a complete scam.

There are many procedures for men and women like Follicular unit extraction Follicular unit transplantation, Platelet-rich plasma Therapy, Mesotherapy and Stem Cell Therapy. I am really surprised by this.

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