Expect for windows

This will create a directory containing the Expect distribution. This is useful if you want to prevent users from getting to the debugger at all. Its stdin, stdout and stderr are connected to Expect, so that they may be read and written by other Expect commands.

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Running Expect with the -d option will show if Expect is encountering many ptys in odd states. Rather, expect gets an eof indication. Other ActiveState Tcl initiatives include hosting of the primary Tcl community website, and ActiveTcl, the free, quality-assured distribution of Tcl.

Expect for Windows

Use a regular expression to recognize shell prompts. This windiws reference outlines the basic usage of Expect for Windows. If a pattern matches, it is treated as if it had been specified in the expect command itself, and the associated body is executed in the context of the expect command. This command closes the connection to the current process.

How to execute an expect scripts from windows [Closed]

While still producing correct results, the output can look unnatural. Human-like delays appear between the characters. Use a shell command trick in your scripts to associate the file type on Unix systems. Extensions may collide with Expect command names. It all works fine when you use wish.

The -slave flag is not supported on Windows. If value is 1, nulls are removed. Ready-to-use - Includes integrated help and samples.

Expect for Windows - User Guide

If no timeout keyword is used, an implicit null action is executed upon timeout. Do not use a DOS-box and tclsh to run your expect scripts.

This causes the given command to be executed upon future receipt of any of the given signals. In Octoberan alpha version of Expect 5 was released to match Tcl 7.

Winner of Best Paper Award at conference.

These problems are probably due to the way DOS-boxes work. This page was generated in about 0. If a pattern wihdows, then the corresponding body is executed.

Mon Aug 3 It should be noted that this sample code is incomplete and does not provide the adequate error checking recommended for successful automation. An integer may follow the -null to indicate how many nulls to send. Exact patterns are always unanchored.

Unless otherwise specified, commands return the empty string. The default timeout period is 10 seconds but may be set, for example to 30, by the windowx "set timeout 30".

Working with Expect script on windows environment

The following example illustrates how to temporarily disable echoing. This is due to the following trap:. In particular, humans tend to see program output arriving in large portions atomically when in reality most programs produce output one line at a time.

Thesis, Amdahl Ireland Ltd. If the third integer was 0, the fourth integer is the status returned by expecr spawned process.

All that's needed is lots of development time and good verification test cases.

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