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Sure, it's essentially Sonar 9 by another name, but it's also indicative of the serious overhaul that's been undertaken. Now, Cakewalk has hurled another curve ball by giving us Sonar X1, effectively resetting their version counter. Perhaps taking inspiration from the latter, Cakewalk has blessed Sonar with ProChannel, a powerful channel-strip that's not a plug-in but is instead built right into each channel.

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The Inspector itself is tabbed so you can choose to view the Channel Strip, expand the ProChannel more on this laterview clip options, etc. Thankfully, it's tightly woven, well thought-out and a joy to use.

xx1 I know, sounds like BS, I kid you not Cakewalk took a big chance with X1 - and it's paid off. The big new feature for Sonar X1 isn't a sexy new plug-in or editing tool, but a revised interface. Cons Some minor bugs persist. It's customisable, with modules for markers, loop recording, quantise, ACT and more.

It works snoar and unobtrusively, switching from, say, a selection tool when hovering over data, to a pencil for notes in the piano roll. Smart tools really are very clever!


Use Loopclouds' great features now with your personal sample library. If you're a long-time user, don't mistake ckewalk new interface for a new look - this upgrade could make your music-making experiences more about you and less about your DAW. Sonar X1 LE Limitations? No worries, it's like with previous versions.

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Maybe Cakewalk's system recommendations are playing it safe, or they expect users to pile on more plug-ins than we did. Cakewalk Sonar X1 Producer - " efficient, ergonomic and intuitive" translated. Alas, it doesn't work cskewalk reverse, so you can't drag an audio clip back into the Browser. Here, a single tool changes functionality depending on what you're doing.

It could be mistaken for a totally new product, but the Sonar we know and love is hiding just beneath that slick new exterior. Now, don't get us wrong; we liked the old Sonar. It offers five ratios including an infinite option and attack, release, input and output knobs. You can save and toggle between configurations using the Screensets. I came back t Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. The latest patch X1D has stabilized soft. All times are UTC Delete cookies.

Series Cakewalk Sonar X1. Clip fades are finally reflected in the clip's waveform display. And for users both new and old, ProChannel should not be underestimated - it sounds killer and the direct integration means it's always on hand. You can still choose tools manually, too. Image 2 of 2 A selection of Sonar X1's features: All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: Last edited by MaxSynths on Wed Dec cakewxlk, This forum is sponsored by. We're looking at the full Producer Edition.

We also like the Edit Filter, which enables you to show cskewalk the automation envelopes that you want to work on there are still no automation lanes, cskewalk Cakewalk say they're coming at some point. There are plenty of minor tweaks, too.

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