Gps tracking server

Online demo Click " Demo " in the top right corner of this page for an online demo. Prevents Theft and Kidnapping The vehicle GPS tracker can be used to prevent the theft of a car and kidnapping of the person inside it. Tracking Maps Alerts Management Reports. You can have it downloaded in your computer; desktop or laptop to ensure that you can quickly located where exactly your phone is and then be on your way. These costs all together can help a fleet management company or other transport and logistics business save thousands of dollars each year.

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With Traccar you can view your GPS devices in real-time with no delay. Reports on the key components including the condition of the engine can help preserve the vehicle and increase its lifetime. Get late in the morning Have you woken up late and had to hurry out of your home?

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This allows for external alerting in cases of harsh driving behaviour like speeding, fuel and maintenance events, geo-fencing and many other types of alerts. Geofence feature allows users to set up geographic boundaries travking areas that needs to be specifically monitored. The most common option is to use a data subscription in 2G or 3G mobile networks. Software for independent tracking server is recommended for companies who provide tracking services, sell GPS trackers or relative equipment.

The GPS makes use of the concept of triangulation.

GpsGate is a leading web based GPS tracking platform successfully used by transportation companies, police and fire departments, utility companies, service organizations and other businesses with mobile workers around the world. We offer Most companies who offer alternative vehicle tracking products, are strictly limiting functionality to hold customers and get as much profit as possible.

TrackMe provides Free Registration Family Account where you can add up to 3 devices with 14 days of tracking history. A lightweight web interface is available for mobile devices so that you can access GpsGate from any location. Software is very simple, user friendly and designed to communicate with a wide variety of GPS devices including mobile devices.

Later you can load them just directly from file. Many people prefer a much more minimalistic and efficient vehicle- a motorcycle. For mobile operators you can configure notifications over SMS and email for events that require immediate attention, such as SOS, vehicle theft, high temperature, speeding, excessive idling, off hours vehicle usage or geofence violations.

Send report data into spreadsheets Export tracking data onto a spreadsheet like Excel for your own record keeping or analysis.

March 21 — 22, Location: Any event in the platform can generate alerts in the application, over email or SMS.

GPS Tracking Software

June 11 — 15, Location: It is constantly improved and updated with new features. It saves money and offers peace of mind when it comes to vehicles.

It was once believed that managing the fleet from the office is impossible especially when the cars have to travel long distances. We also provide a number of hosted options with professional support.

Only up to 6 modules are supported in this layout. Trackers send various information, such as coordinates, speed, altitude, angle, iButton, RFID and other sensor parameters. GPS tracking device independent: Users can monitor and manage their trackers on the Internet using a web-browser. There are hundreds of different ttracking services where functionality, quality and prices varies a lot. This application can be hosted at a server at the Business end with the software that gives you the total control of the objects that can be added and monitored.

Download free GpsGate Server Install it on your own server. Not only can you track vehicles such as cars, bikes and even boats but also objects such as phones and can even be used to keep track of people!

Traccar software provides instant web notifications along with support for email and SMS. Fall detection technology can detect a fall and immediately contact a predefined emergency number, which will send help in a matter of minutes.

Today, the most common application of the GPS is for tracking and navigation purposes. How long does GPS-server.

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