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It's exciting, well-paced, witty primetime family entertainment, and it has survived a tough time in television drama, due to a winning combination of likable heroes, camp villains and against-all-odds happy endings. Retrieved from " http: Jonas Armstrong and Richard Armitage who plays Guy of Gisbourne are off to pastures new, but the BBC is understandably reluctant to pull this hugely successful drama.

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Robin Hood ( TV series) - Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 20 Septemberhiod Jonas Armstrong and Richard Armitage who plays Guy of Gisbourne are off to pastures new, but the BBC is understandably reluctant to pull this hugely successful drama.

No, there have been enough Robin Hood movies.

Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne The majority of the main characters in Robin Hood are based on the English folk tale of the same name. Retrieved 8 March Her link to the castle through Gisborne good used by the gang while she plots revenge against her brother, but her thirst for independence, power, and vengeance soon leads her to become a ruthless Sheriff and a sworn enemy.

Jonas Armstrong's Hood looks like a member of a boy band that got lost in the woods after a team-building weekend and has been forced to live on nothing but hair gel.

Guy often puts Marian in difficult situations where she has to be with him to help those bbc loves. Robin Hood and business ongoing.

Robin Hood's Progress to Nottingham Robin Hood Newly Revived But—as we find out—if skills like orbin were to fall into the wrong hands, there would be big trouble. Robin Hood TV series characters.

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The second series sees the Sheriff step up his plans to take control, finally culminating in a battle in the Holy Land. Sign In Don't have an account?

The third series staggered the entry of new characters and only Robin appeared in all thirteen episodes. Archived from the original on 4 December Broadcast in Sri Lanka began in in the National Television, Rupavahini ; last episode was aired on 18 April Retrieved 8 January Reviewers have had mixed opinions as to the effectiveness of the show's use of modern styles and current political references.

A weapons dealer and soldier of fortune, Clive Standen's bed-hopping, lovable rogue has no particular allegiance to anyone, and seemingly no morals, until Robin Hood shows him a better way. Retrieved 1 August Allan's traits can be used to avoid capture, get food to the poor, and make useful contacts.

But as Robin showed in the opening episode, it can be done. On Thursday 23 Novemberthe BBC confirmed that the programme had been renewed for a second series, to be shown in Allan A Dale is an expert robber with a sarcastic and funny nature.

You can find a list of useful templates on Category: Robin Hood and the Ranger Men in Tights While Primeval has bitten the dustand ITV will not be commissioning any pre-watershed drama for the foreseeable futurethe BBC's Robin Hood shows no sign of dipping in popularity.

This opens the door to a liaison with Robin and sets up the tenth episode of the series, told largely through flashbacks, which revisits Robin and Gisborne's history. This was one of three specially shot trailers, directed by Matt Losasso, each introducing one of the main characters, Robin, Marian and the Sheriff of Nottingham who are seen speaking to camera.

Robin Hood: easily replaced by another Archer

The series was cancelled by the BBC after series three following the departure of multiple characters, including lead actor Jonas Robon. There are several articles that need an Update. It aired in syndication on U. Robin Hood and the Valiant Knight

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