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April Fools Skill Cut-in featuring Lenphad new. Provide skill information to those that are lacking. While playing the game is free, some items and costumes can be purchased through an in-game "Item Mall" using real currency. The Heart of Spire

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It can also hit the enemies above you. You can also use this to easily move behind the enemy. Halls of Water So far, eight volumes were released.

April Fools Skill Cut-in featuring Lenphad new.

Each comes esword an in-game accessory. As of Augustall classes can advance to the " Transcendence mode" where they gain two new passives, one active, and three special actives starting from level 70, and two additional skill slots. Provide story quest numbers, englisg, requirements, and dialogues. Customization Guild Base Look! Residential Area 3 His father was one of the best knights of the kingdom, and his sister a highly desired talent, and there he sat alone, feeling weak and helpless.

The player can also choose skill traits for a skill only Special Active, Active, and Buffwhich grants additional buff like damage increase, mana usage decrease, and anti-mana break skill, with some cost, a sacrifice like cool down skill or mana usage increase.

Elswogd of El Add Tracer Psychic Tracer.

Please read these rules before contributing to prevent any mistakes that could've been easily avoided. Temple of Frozen Water Please read here on how you can contribute in any language. Suburbs of Wally's Castle Shrine of Dedication Entrance Ara Little Xia Little Hsien.

Elysion Tower Elysion Territory Water Dragon Sanctum Dungeons are instanced, offering co-op play for up to four players at a time. Elsword features skill-based action gameplay combined with role-playing elements and community features typical of an MMORPG, such as guilds, chat, and item trading. Add videos of elsdord skill without one on their page yet or replace broken videos with working ones. Volcanic Flames Entrance Here are several ways to contribute to Elwiki.

Elsword – Free to Play Anime Action MMORPG

Rena Ranger Combat Ranger. Elsqord Sun's Memory Elesis had received a reinforcements request from the Velder Army, which required her immediate departure. Elesis left her little brother to lead a mission, never to return. Chung Guardian Fury Guardian.

Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Extreme Heavenly Love Must currently be a couple or married to unlock this skill. Volcanic Flames Entrance

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