A gift to my children

Maybe, this apply to financial investment. I freaking loved every bit of this book. Rogers, well-known for his success in commodities and his adventures after his retirement at the ripe old age of 37, wrote a book in which he gives advice to his young daughters, who at the time of publication were under the age of seven.

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Dec 20, Rose rated it really liked it.

Go your own way. He explains why he moves his family to Singapore my country! But no one could ever accuse the man of being a slacker. Now the bestselling author of A Bull in China, Hot Commoditiesand Adventure Capitalist shares a heartfelt, indispensable guide for his daughters and all young investors to find gjft and happiness. If you really want to succeed in the world, gamble on what you know will survive. In later years, Rogers' daughters will no doubt be delighted and rightly flattered that their dad took the time to write a book for them, offering fatherly wisdom in abundance.

The last section of the book is probably what he really want to write, but then there probably won't be too many people who would buy this book The words of fatherly love and the investment advices given just don't bode well Written for his daughters, this book is a short tool kit distilled from his experiences - not only as a maverick trader but someone who circumnavigated the world twice over.

Never blindly accept what you hear chilren read, no matter how many people believe it or how strongly they advocate it. Wise and warm, accessible and inspiring, A Gift to My Children is a great gift for all those just starting to invest in their futures.

Table of contents Preface. The millennials who skip nights out to save money HMRC's deadline for paper tax returns looms on 31 October: Learn to stay calm…especially in times of pressure hcildren turmoil.

Whilst some of the advice seems unconventional, they are in fact practical and wise. To be a successful investor, you really need to understand psychology as well as history and glft. Use good manners no matter where you are. They last longer and retain more value. In his 60s, he married for the second time and became a father.

Jim Rogers: 'A Gift to My Children' - book review | This is Money

I often joined in too. He has taught at Columbia University and authored the best selling books: As soon as you hear in the news about a hard landing in the Chinese economy…consider it the BEST opportunity to buy into Chinese stocks… Look at cjildren in the mirror and ask what drives you.

Find out what actually happened. When you decide to purse investing or whatever your fancy, do not underestimate the value of due diligence.

The famous investor wrote this book to share his life advice with his young daughter.

A Gift to My Children: A Father's Lessons for Life and Investing

A fantastic short book from a man who has perhaps seen it all. The popular belief embraces by the larger society are often mistaken. When I was younger, I nearly always got swept away when stocks were rising amid mass hysteria or when people were dumping in panic.

When does he really think the suitable age of his daughters should be to read this book? In A Gift to My Children, Jim Rogers writes about how to learn from our own achievements and our own mistakes in order to achieve a successful well-lived life. I found this short book go enjoyable read, there are lessons in life for all of us in this book, people familiar with his work will quickly recognize his down to earth easy to read style of writing but this time he adds paternal love and protectiveness to it.

Jim Rogers: 'A Gift to My Children' - book review

If anybody laughs at your idea, view chilfren as a sign of potential success! Your Education, Part IV: Sneaky fees to watch out for from your childminder - including extras for petrol, public holidays and sick days If the EU decides to ban Britain from changing the clocks it could reduce winter road accidents by up to a third, data suggests Government takes one step closer to reforming whiplash compensation rules - but will it really save you hcildren on your car insurance?

I learned a lot of important things and also was reminded of a lot of things reading this book.

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