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Grimoire no Shisho [] []. If you like challenging games that require proper strategy to complete, then Ninja Arashi will please you. An adult game starring Momoka and Hazuki. Ninja minions can also be summoned by a ninja master villain player character.

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It is organized in alphabetical order.

Adjust game screen size. One of the best fighting games, Flick Ninja 3D is a must download game for all arcade game addicts. An adult social card game spin-off of the Taimanin Asagi visual novel series.

Naruto [] unrelated to the later manga and anime series. Are you up for the challenge?

Ninja on the App Store on iTunes". Alex Kidd in Shinobi World. Ayame [36] - Power Stone and Power Stone 2 Interestingly, characters have different style basic attacks alongside cooldown based abilities, allowing you to do insane combos using different styles. Akane [80] Kiriko [81]. You can get different types of abilities to make it easier to clear levelssuch as quickly teleport out of a thick situation or create multiple clones of yourself.

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vames Appearing from shadows, eliminating the target in split second, and dispersing back into shadows is a ninja fantasy almost everyone would like to live. The Knight of Lodis. Kyo Hattori - Wizardry: Mini NinjasMini Ninjas Adventures Wasted Youth Part 1. Zombie Beatdown - Android-apps op Google Play".

I am not going to say it is one of the best ninja games available, but it has an interesting plot and the 3D action is quite good as well. There are multiple characters having their own set of abilities and weapons to kill the enemies in the path and move around. A series in which ninja is a fairly common job class.

Commander for Arcade Games".

10 Best Android Ninja Games to Invoke Your Inner Ninja

Nija of the Forsaken Land. Mutant Apocalypse all three inX-Men: An action game featuring the character Cyber Ninja. A new job Kunoichi was added in The island town is taken over by the evil Ninjas from the neighboring island and you are the ultimate warrior to fight these guys and save innocent people from getting killed. As the name suggests, Dark Sword is all about using crazy looking agmes where swords are probably bigger than the wielder.

Open embedded menu Add this game to your web page! Avengers Allianceamong other games. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. MadWorldManhunter 2: Jinginaki Onna no Tatakai []. Genji [] and Hanzo []. Shadow Warrior of Death for Amiga ".

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