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Completed Pokemon ROM Hacks List | PokemonCoders

I've kept this list free of improvement type hacks the ones that don't change the story as I plan on making a separate list for them. Light platinum nds version ro,s the remake of Emerald I can't remember its name lmao. Also make sure you have more than hacms Pokemon in your party. Knuckle San October 12, at 8: Knuckle San October 6, at 9: Since it's not a hack of a GBA game, it cannot be played using an emulator. This is one reason why, although there are hundreds of Pokemon ROM hacks available online, but many just sit in its under development stage and only a few were considered completed.

Pokeman June 14, at 1: Pokepals May 17, at I was thinking of putting my own tiles into pokemon navis. I've never played a rom hack before and this one looks good and I hope it's still possible to download. Please give me a link to Pokemon Mega. An update will be released on July 31st.

Knuckle San November 30, at 7: There are probably many others as well. Lalit Suthar March 30, at 6: Erick Douglas 3 hacs dezembro de I think Pokemon Resolute got an update Knuckle San.

I'm super busy and creating a rom hack takes a lot of time and effort. Are you having trouble downloading or playing?

Nathan James May 2, at 7: Knuckle San May 2, at 8: You moron, everyone has their own preference in playing ROM hacks. Just in case anyone has any questions about getting the game s or Pokemon added, types changed, etc, here is the information for the LatiosAzurill rom hacks. If this wasn't rims, I'd not get notified about the updates and not be able to download it quickly.

Pokemon Rom Hacks List for Game Boy Advance - PokemonCoders

Knuckle San May 6, at 8: The creator just randomly decided to add the Ultra I think when he released 1. Mr Cart May 27, at 9: Thanks for the suggestion. Mane October 3, at 7: Unknown March 26, at Dylan Shultz August 27, at 2: Knuckle San June 13, at hba Sorry for long comment, just trying to get into a game soiI have something to do when out of cell service. Try pokemon victory fire,resolute and mega power. I'm looking for a game that has duskull as a starter if you know any let me know.

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