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This is a good workaround for increasing the font size when needed. Pebbles by bonstio uploaded on 09 Mar We'll show you how to adjust your system text size to your liking, along with how to change the default Windows font.

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Dunes by Sandeep Mopuru uploaded on 04 Mar And you can change the color to a variety of shades here. Well, I was inquisitive and while tweaking different options and settings that I obviously knew nothing about, I then came across an option on Gmail that lets you tweak your Gmail theme to your desired color.

Gmail Themes & Skins |

Just click the Settings gear and choose ComfortableCozyor Compact. Posted March 5, by Beejay Adoghe in Gmail. Choose your preferred theme from the list of options and click on save. You can go back abckground the old theme by going to the themes section and selecting the default theme color as your desired them and clicking on save.

How did I learn how to change Gmail background theme? Interlaken by bonstio uploaded on 29 Oct Tjemes Chrome and Firefox extensions that offered more Gmail themes are deprecated or no longer available. Lego dude by bonstio uploaded on 30 Oct This shows your default body text for new emails.

HQ Backgrounds for Gmailâ„¢ - Chrome Web Store

Stay informed by joining our newsletter! This article has reached its end. This is quite boring I must say. Black Hole by bonstio uploaded on 03 Mar Gmail also offers a bit of customization for the modern themes.

It won't take long -- a few tweaks here, a burst of color there, and you're done.

HQ Backgrounds for Gmailâ„¢

How to Set Up Gmail in Outlook. Pink Bike by bonstio uploaded on 30 Oct Permit me to say that Gmail is one of the most used Email messaging platforms in the world today.

Macro bubbles by bonstio uploaded on 13 Feb Coloured house by bonstio uploaded on 29 Oct To succeed in that environment, you should learn how to compose effective professional emails.

Read More that have more options. backgrouhd

Yellow Wildflowers by Rhiannon Martinez uploaded on 01 Apr Your Gmail background will change to your custom image. Tilt-Shift by Shane Lear uploaded on 01 Apr Or, you're thinking about signing up for one.

NYC apartments by bonstio uploaded on 30 Oct Hold Ctrl and press the Plus key, or scroll your mouse wheel up. This will change automatically, but you can try another look manually.

You can create a custom Gmail theme with your own photo. Grass by bonstio uploaded on 30 Oct A Cookbook Full of Tech Tutorials.

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