Earth flash animation

Monami Saikia Oct 22, at Great job explaining the small details. Just look at the example below! Every time something is out of sync, or when you'd have to change the duration of the animation, you would have to rework and modify big parts of the timeline.

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This means that the ends are going to snap together - they will connect.

3D Interactive Earth Globe

When you do that, all the animations and movie clips inside it flasg move along with it. To better understand what I mean, just look at the figures below.

The difference is that animaion you edit it directly on the stage, you can see all the other elements that are present on the stage like the Sun image in the first layer. Divya Nov earty, at 4: This is clear if you look at the first image below - the new layer's icon is indented.

Cheryl Nov 13, at 5: Just a small note: Place these images somewhere where you'll quickly find them. We are ready for more of these keep it up.

In fact, it can just sit there without doing anything. In the Options portion of the Tools panel, make sure that the Snap to Objects the little magnet icon is turned on. Move the cursor to either end of the shape see the image sequence belowclick and start dragging. Symbols in Flash have their own timeline, which is independent from the main timeline the timeline of the stage. Next, click on the second button in the first row see 2 above to center the image of the Sun horizontally on the stage.

This can be seen in the Flash example below. Gaurav Gupta Nov 16, at You can do the adjustement easily - you don't even have to use your mouse. You will learn how to:. Name it Venus revolution 2. Monami Saikia Oct 22, at You have probably noticed that the empty keyframe in this layer lasts within the timeline as long as the layer beneath it.

You have just learned how to make a smooth animation that follows a circular motion guide. Tag cloud ActionScript blending buttons button symbol clock colors cursor customization drawing API easing effects interactivity loading loading bar logo mask menu motion tween movie clips mp3 navigation pointer random scrolling text xml.

How to make a planet animation in Flash with a circular motion guide

Because you have certainly seen that it is misplaced now. Just click on the Scene 1 link above the layers to accomplish that. Shama Nov 3, at 6: Double-click on the Layer 1 name to change it. Release your mouse and here's your final visible circular path. So once you finish the animation, and say, you wish to place it on a different part of the stage, all you have to do is move the movie clip that hosts the animation Venus revolution in this case. Since this is an outline shape, all you have to do is select a diffeent stroke color near the little pencil icon in the Colors portion of the Tools panel.

You may not copy, reproduce, republish, download, post, broadcast, transmit, make available to the public, or otherwise use eChalk content in any way except for your own personal, non-commercial use. You must move your mouse in front of the layer's label to achieve this.

Just look at the example below! Say you wanted to make a full circle animation, so you moved the ending animation point near the starting one. Select either Erase Normal or Erase Lines as the behavior of the eraser 1 and select the smallest possible circular brush 2. Thnx for the tutorial but my symbol takes the shortest esrth even after breaking the oval.

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