Hammerfall crimson thunder

It's got all the good aspects of Legacy of Kings, Chapter V: Now what next, acoustic balladry!? But once fully adjusted to the mood here, it shows itself to be another winner.

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Chances are, I'll like most of the stuff I'll listen to, to a certain point.


When I first heard this album I was blown away by how catchy and compact of a listen it was. I like hammerfalll style of Hammerfall, and I'm not in any way tired of the style of metal they specialise in, but this album just failed to click with me in places where it could have just grabbed me and taken me on a intense and spellbinding ride.

Then the song The Unforgiving Blade is kind of sludgy and drags on for awhile, and seems rather generic in my opinion. Normally Xrimson don't mind cheesy lyrics such as those by the likes of DragonForce and Helloween, but the difference here is that both of those bands make up for it with an excellent musical aspect, where as Hammerfall seems like they're on autopilot.

Lore of the Arcane. Most notably, Stormwitch and Warlord, both of which crush Hammerfall in their sleep. Despite probably being the most memorable track on the album, it could have been much stronger if it featured a singer who hammfrfall some hammercall in his technique. Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken hammrefall into one pot Originally written for Sputnikmusic. But as much as they endlessly babble on about glory, honour, warriors, and the "heavy metal revolution", above all, they absolutely make sure that they don't step on anyone's toes.

However, their writing does not age very well.

Perhaps they did, but chose not to use it for sake of losing credibility. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R.

HAMMERFALL | Crimson thunder - Nuclear Blast

All I can say is that if you hate their ballads, this won't change your mind. Heeding The Call Live.

Bands that are more talented, more innovative, and willing to expand their horizons and improve themselves rather than piss out more of the same tired material. With the entire scene bloated by the time this album was released, they didn't even try to rise above it. Don't support this band, they will destroy metal - if they haven't already.

Ok, here comes the rant. The aforementioned hole in the fabric of reality where the effort should be isn't all-consuming.

Crimson Thunder

Definitely a talented band, but I can't dig their "Hollywood metal" style or their insipid lyrical approach. With so many other albums out there the bands put their hearts and souls into, what reason does anyone have to waste time on this slow guided tour through a seemingly endless museum of embarrassing metal thubder and musical thunver that have been stale since before Kai Hansen left Helloween?

Alot of people can't get past the fact that they're a bit cheesy, but I don't think it detracts from them at all.

Then Angel of Mercy starts with a guitar and piano intro that goes into this slow heavy riff with a later great solo that flows perfectly with the background riff. While their kinetic energy makes these songs more thrilling than the others though considering the company, that's faint praise they still reek of the motions HammerFall is going through.

ElectricEyeMarch 4th, As of Augustit is their worst album, with even its best numbers proving to be fairly good at best. But once fully adjusted to the mood here, it shows itself to be another winner.

After many tries, this album did click with me, and I began to appreciate it more. The same story with the rest of them, "The Unforgiving Blade" is just a workmanlike heavy metal tune that has nothing that truly stands out. Crimson Thunder Lyrics We are the voices in the dark Inside the fire we are the eternal spark That will guide the way We are the stars up in the sky We gather winds so you can fly We are the light when you're sleeping All your dreams can come true Where do we go?

I'll discount those four minutes off my eternity in HELL, and 20 points off this album for that atrocity alone. It takes something that should be awesome and turns it into something dreadfully dull.

So harmless, so unthreatening, so unchallenging, so mentally insulting. This is metal that is energetic, fun, and still kick ass.

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