Erlang c calculator excel

Just as a suggestion have you thought about just calling a second workbook from the first and running the macro from the first book? DaveA 2 Nov at DSL 11 May at 8:

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When I insert 7 avg calls per 30 escel, it says I need 0 zero agents. To use the calculator, enter the figures for the number of calls, average duration of calls and average delay to calls in the edit boxes. I need some assistance to calculate the expected idle time required for a certain SLA.

My assumption excl that i have too much in office shrinkage which is not factored in this tool. Andrew 4 Dec at The Moment of Truth for Your Brand.

Erlang C Calculator Excel – Including Shrinkage

Jonathan Freel 5 Jul at 9: When I calculate by half hour the combination of calls, AHT, and Agents Erlang can not give me an accurate service leve. Hi, I really like this model and it is very useful.

Do you plan to create a version of the Erlang Calculator where you can input the AHT forecast everyin 30 minute intervals along side the CV intervals? Anonymous 13 Nov at 7: Hussein 26 Sep at All calcultor Copyright by MrExcel Publishing. I have two sets of associates answering different jobs.

ERLANG C Calculator

I am very new to this and i am in need of this kind of template. More importantly to factor in the concurrent chats is it a matter of dividing Agents Required by the expected number? Erlang x not really the best solution for concurrent web chats, but in the absence of anything else it will at least give a rough estimate.

Allan 18 Oct at Kapil Rajpal Singh 7 Oct at 8: Resources saved on this page: I think that this requirement is beyond the capabilities of Excel. Deepak Vittala 29 Jul at I get NAME error in any field calculating with the custom formulas.

When using this model am I correct in assuming this is core number of bums on calculato not allowing for shrinkage thanks.

Calculate Call Center Staffing with Excel (Erlang formula) - Lokad

I used it to create a staffing plan, integrated shrinkage formulas, etc. Scott Allen 27 Mar at 5: DonH 23 Aug at 8: Dave Caldulator 8 Jun at 7: Top Tips for Selling Over the Phone. With an Excel Erlang Calculator you can build a simple or complex staffing model for the contact centre.

But before we dive into the maths, here is some key information about the Erlang C formula and its derivation:. Can I calculate staff breaks with this program anyhow?

Erlang-C with Excel, Lotus123, or Calc (Open Office)

Pascalpal 25 Oct at 6: Ravi, Without knowledge of how your calculator functions we calculatorr going to be unable to ascertain why there is a variance.

Hi Tim That sounds like a great idea. JK 18 May at 1: You can display a running total of calculation results by pressing the Results button.

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