Frank harris my life and loves

My first volume taught me that Truth was a mortal enemy of Beauty. Petra X rated it liked it Jun 21, And then I waited for the summons, but none came.

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I have forgotten his name, but we called him the Baron.

I'm reading the annotated edition, immersed in the second book of it. Apr 06, Lisa rated it liked it.

My Life and Loves

But to write it—there is the rub. But it was Goethe the thinker who won my heart; phrases of his, couplets even, seemed to me pure divination. I can't decide between the 2 and 3 star rating.

It shows him so much smaller, less sincere even than Beethoven, and with none of that magic of loving-comprehension which our Shakespeare lavished even on his rival Chapman. I felt sure, too, that the hardening of the cuticle would prolong the act, and already I had begun to notice that in my case the act crank usually too quickly finished.

My Life and Loves by Frank Harris |

I can only assume it was all in their dreams. I want the unprejudiced to consider a few of the undoubted authorities. And no one tells you of that; all praise him, scholars and poets alike: Check nearby libraries with:.

Lotze, the famous philosopher who preached a God immanent in every form of life, remarked once in seminar that the via media of Aristotle was the first and greatest discovery in morals. My Life and Loves 3. The worst of it is that the English guides and leaders do not even yet grasp the truth.

I was on fire to learn more, to meet Bunsen.

All these men, I saw, are moments in the growth of human thought, and I turned away from the speculations, feeling that I included most of them in my own development. His writing style is of the period.

I went into my lovds and closed the door, my heart throbbing heavily, my mouth all parched as in fever. Many Englishmen are proud of their ignorance: I was in a fever but resolved to be amiable as well as bold.

My Life and Loves, by Frank Harris

Goethe himself admits that he cannot publish it in Germany. He smiled, took out his pocket-book, and showed me notes of five hundred and a thousand drachmae.

In fine, I began at this time to make up my mind only to sacrifice my strength when I was really attracted, or better still, only then when I was deeply in love. Again in this I resembled Montaigne: He finished Siegfried also and composed nearly all the Gotterdammerung. There is more to learn and love in one woman's spirit than in all the oceans.

French was considered to be the best language for diplomacy, being very precise and simple and having an extensive popularity from one end of Christendom to the other. To write one's life truthfully one should keep a complete diary and record, not only facts; but motives—fears, hopes and imaginings—day by day at very considerable length.

Yet franl "unco guid" tell me that this honest attempt of mine to relate in simplest words the story of my earthly pilgrimage will do harm and not good, corrupt and not fortify.

They all gave me phrases they thought would be difficult to translate into English, but they were all easily convertible, and I resumed the discussion by saying: And throughout all Eternity I forgive you, you forgive me: It would surely be wise to double the wages of the workman when you could thereby increase the productivity of his labour.

I don't for a moment mean to suggest that all these hundred thousand German students are the intellectual equals of the thousand honour men of the English universities; they may be on the same frak of knowledge, but the best thousand from Oxford and Cambridge are at least as intelligent as the best thousand from German mu.

And am displeased with thoughts not to be published. We all fraternized quickly.

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