Flash logo animation template

You will have different functionality and can edit this after effect video to include in your corporate identity kit. A simple 12 second logo animation created entirely in After Effects. Apart from these, you will also get all amazing features explain on their official page.

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There are both light and dark background options. Very small but effective logo and text place holder can animatin this introduction video unique from other brands. A clean animated logo that offers the choice between an image intro or a text based version.

The animation runs in full HD and comes without music. No one can beat the unique design and when it comes to branding, uniqueness is the key.

And when we talk about logo animation and ambigramthe first thing came into our mind is adobe after effects. As you are reading this blog post means you are already familiar with Adobe after effect. You will have 10 different text choices and 23 places to place your images or videos related to your animmation. It features two simple animated logo reveal options.

An impressive animated logo with lightning fast sequences. It can be customized to fit any need or requirement.

This logo is especially well suited for video introductions. Choose one that's well suited to your next gemplate project. It received over sales with average rating of 4. The are listed below in no particular order.

This is a cartoon dark mystery AE animation which reveals logo on the wall by illuminating it with falling light.

3D Logo Animation (15 Second Version) |en| Renderforest

This is a new addition in our updated list based on popularity of the aftereffect text logo animation. This logo supports unlimited text. This places your logo at a grandiose scale and is perfect for company with a big mission of world changing goals. Tdmplate Animation — Crumble.

A clean and simple logo with techno influences. In a quick 6 second puff, which fires off from one side of the screen to the other, your logo emerges teemplate the smoke clears. Everything you need for your next creative project. With this logo colors can be changed on the fly. An elegant logo animation using the Element 3D plugin.

A fresh looking animated logo featuring a lime yellow background, which makes it stand out against more obviously dark logos using a black background. If you need a high tech logo animation, one that would feel equally at home opening a Sci-Fi movie as it would your branded video, then this After Effects video file is a must have.

If you are looking for 3D logo text animation to represent your corporate brand in video presentation, this after effects template can be your best bet. A simple 12 second logo animation created entirely in After Effects. All footage is included in the package.

6 Best After Effects Logo and Text Animation Templates Download Now

The animation runs in full HD and was created with After Effects. This hollywood quality logo animation, reveals your branding olgo it travels across the earth. And the AE file is setup to be easy to customize with your logo. When you are working on corporate or brand introduction videos, after effects templates will make your task more easier and pleasant.

So, your customers will feel the detail and depth of your company.

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