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Find all posts by Darthatron. The new version was very good.. February 19th, 3: What am I doing wrong?

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I went through the tutorial i knew most of the things but the map script part was interesting probably gonna use it. Oak for Gary Oak xD. When I insert new map, the name of new of is "litteroot town"? This program works with other gba xdvance I'm working on a rom hack but I can't figure out how to make a warp to my cave that I've made.

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Thanks, glad you think it's good. Where do you set the "Starting position" of the trainer? I'm still sort of new.

I added a new map to my Pallet Town bank, but whenever I try to go to the new advajce map in-game, the player can't get through.

Here is the password. This includes links to hacked ROMs use patches insteadand mentioning the names of piracy sites. There's no program so far which I seen has that capability. Movable, changeable, request event http: Hackdex list of rom hacks. Thanks, hopefully you'll update and add more things to your tutorial soon.

There must be 10's though, at the ends, to show the bridges' elevation. Send a private message to Twinx.

I've been working on it for weeks! When i insert the Map into a new bank it instead goes to different Map Bank. I've finished creating my map in AdvanceMap1. Find all advanve by Twinx.

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Also the tilesets are compressed! Glad you liked it: I'll try to fix the images later, I guess I can't tell you lies I'll try it out but I can't help you on your problem, sorry: I can't really help ,but when you open the script to change the movements make sure you change the players to.

Send a private message to Idle. The transfer map's map bank and number http: This method, although, can be pretty messy. Originally Posted by Xiros.

I need a little help on the inserting new map.

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Originally Posted by Madridista. If there isn't, what do I use to make maps using platinum tiles?

Highlight events, click on the warp 2. Try checking your map's that are having the problems "person" event amount and see that it matches with the amount visible on the entire map. Oh, btw ty for the tiles behaviour part that is something 1.990 hadnt noticed yet.

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