Doctor who the adventure games city of the daleks

Originally announced for initial release on 5 June , it became available for release on 2 June from the BBC's official Doctor Who website. You may be looking for the comic story. He manages to create the cure and heal Dana, who was starting to suffer from the radiation, but Oswald enters with a harpoon gun and threatens the Doctor to back off so that he and Dana can evacuate Poseidon. To prove that everything is really back to normal, he uses a scanner to show Sylvia in London, alive and well. The Doctor begins to describe London as "the coolest place in the the galaxy ":

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BBC One - Doctor Who, Series 5 - City of the Daleks

Amy runs ahead with the device because of her fading in and out of existence, and puts the device in place. Back at Poseidon Eight, Oswald apologises for his earlier behaviour, saying how he only wished to protect his people.

Phil Ford James Moran. The Doctor and Amy decide to follow her and sneak past the remaining Dalek drones to push a wrecked taxi into a barricade barring an Underground entrance.

The Doctor sends Amy to find components that he can use to create a device that will blind the Daleks. Amy is now out of danger of being deleted from time.

Amy is no longer fading out of existence. A number of flashbacks show an excavation of an arctic base. On 17 June, Simon Nelson, controller of portfolio and multiplatform at BBC Vision told games magazine MCV that the number of downloads of the first episode had already exceeded half a million. After sneaking past Daleks to get a Dalekanium coil and a Kontron crystalthe Doctor returns to Amy and constructs the chronon blocker, which stops Amy from fading.

Last time he saw it, it was in tthe and the Daleks had fled, but they seem to have aadventure their city. Contents thw show ]. Chisholm falls off a cliff and gets badly hurt. After evading a pair of divers, now dead and re-animated by the Vashta Nerada, they succeed and head back to meet Oswald.

After getting back out into Poseidon, the Doctor finds the ingredients for the cure simply numerous types of vegetation from the seabed and heads back to Dana's lab.

Archived from the original on 26 September It included a brief description of what was to come as well as 13 in-game pictures. He then offers for the Doctor and Amy to join adventufe for Christmas dinner, an offer they decide advenfure run from when they find that the main course is a helping of Oswald's prize crop — 'Sea Pumpkin'.

Chisholm shows them a lift in which they go down underground. After materialising in Kaalann, Amy begins to fade out of existence. Amy, still fading, activates the blinding device affecting the Daleks. Sure enough, a Dalek ddaleks and they sneak down a tunnel in the Underground after rewiring its fuse box so the tracks are not dangerous anymore.

Despite beginning to fade once more, Amy finds the parts and the Doctor constructs the device.

Doctor Who Episode 1 – City of the Daleks Walkthrough

To reach the communications room they have to get past Cybermats and then a Cyberslave which tries to kill Amy. Retrieved 10 March Originally announced for initial release on 5 Juneit became available for release on 2 June from the BBC's official Doctor Who website. The Doctor convinces Dana to reopen the tunnels; she also gives away that the Zaralok, the Vashta Nerada and the radiation all seemed to appear after a flash of light a short distance away from Poseidon only a few days ago.

Retrieved 3 September The episode begins with the Doctor and Amy being stalked through the underwater city from the end of the previous episode by an enormous shark-like creature known as a ' Zaralok '. Looking at the Emperor, Amy comments on his size; the Doctor points out that sitting on the throne all the time, he's "bound to put on a few pounds".

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games - City of the Daleks

They appear back in the ruined facility next to the TARDIS, now empty because the timeline has been set back in place - as the Doctor says it should be. The Emperor explains that the Daleks will become advenhure new Time Lords with control over the Time Vortex, through the use of the " Eye of Time ", a powerful tool previously kept on Gallifrey.

He instead intends to send everybody up to the surface in safety pods — a bad idea, as they would surely be destroyed by the Zaralok. After they reach the controls which can close the wormhole, the Zaralok, which is apparently aware of their intentions, attacks the Eldridge, and begins to smash its way into the Accelerator. In the Council Chamber, the Daleks, led by the white Supreme Dalekare preparing to use the Eye to launch an attack on Earth in Martin explains how Poseidon's workers have been suffering from some form of disease, and how Jones, advehture intelligent computer monitoring Poseidon, has been forced to place the crew under quarantine.

Oswald leaves with Dana, while the Doctor and Amy find Jones and use its scanners to identify the source of the light Dana mentioned.

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