Brothers motto koisuru oniisama

Suzuna is shocked at first but then tells him she feels the same way. He often is found wearing sunglasses to hide an accidental scar from childhood that Souiichiro gave him during his sword practice. In truth the brothers already objected to the marriage, little did Suzuna know but to them this was just the start of another game. The night this happened Subaru tried to call his dad at work but his dad said he was busy at a meeting, and by the time he got home it was too late and the mother died at the hospital.

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Main female character is also voiced. She lived with her mother in a small apartment before moving in with the Kasugas and everything she does is to try and make life easier for her mom. After all the introductions were done, mama and papa end up going their separate ways due to emergencies and work and leaves the children in the house for one week.

At one point he almost kills Suzuna with his Katana for coming into his room. The common areas that you can go to are: However, after the first few minutes, I tend to just forget about it even though the two Suzunas seem to be different people. I joked around earlier, but that is for the player to decide.

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Piano, making hamburgers, good with animals Career: On the day of the move, at the imposing gated mansion, she learned that her new father had koisurru sons! The endings in both are beautiful regardless of Rhapsody being… Rhapsody. Trying to make conversation, Suzuna asks if the man is also a servant of the house. Don't have an account? Anyway after the parents marry, Souiichiro is a lot nicer and helpful to Suzuna.

I did enjoy it a lot and the plots were interesting and intriguing. However, he also has a lot of mature moments which makes me like him a lot. More than that, her mother and new father were going away for a week and leaving her to live alone with her four new brothers and their servant Kageyama under the same roof. So basically he knocked her up in an attempt to elope with her. The music is bad too. Well it was still pretty amusing so I decided to roll with it anyway.

Of course, as per usual, Suzuna and Yoshitaka hit it off with arguments that tend to bloom every time they meet.

Brothers ~Motto Koisuru Onii-sama~

Neurologist Brain Doctor A doctor at age 28!? He basically cooks, cleans, delivers, you name it. So anyway after that guess what?

One of them, is in the same class as you. They decide to keep it a secret from the family as well but get cockblocked like 4 times lol. I adored and loved both Normal and Rhapsody story mode for Subaru. Of course being a good girl that she is, Suzuna evades all their moves on her, especially Setsuto who likes crawling into her bed in the morning and eventually the parents come back, the brothers approve, and they all get married and live as a family.

Multiple events can happen in one time slot at one time eg.

For example, in games where everything has a choice, the player can relate the heroine more Overall, I think this game was fun. He has past scars that left him impaired in playing the piano in front of anyone except for his family and professors.

Brothers ~Koi Suru Onii-sama~

Keep me logged in on this device. Suzuna loves his piano, often seen stopping in front of the school after just hearing the piano being played. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Is he actually a player? Sign up for free!

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