Electronic assistant v4.1

Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6. Click here to download and run the installation package. Unfortunately any program settings will need to be reset.

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Due to changes to allow compatibiliy with Windows 7, settings will not be preserved if upgrading from version 4. If you are using version 3. Delete last and clear list remove the last entry or all entries from the list respectively.

Electronics Assistant - Download

Innes reports that version 4. It provides all the functions found in the calculators section of this site and more in a stand-alone user friendly program.

Your review for Electronics Assistant. Don't leave without your download! We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.

This software is especially geared towards calculating values for voltage divider circuits. Alternatively it can be installed via Windows Update.

For example to kill a yellow resistor move below it and press 4, for a red resistor press 2. This is an offline version of the Schematic Symbol Reference. It includes a resistor colour code calculator, resistance, capacitance and power calculations and more. This will install Electronics Assistant and create Start Menu shortcuts and a desktop icon if desired.

Windows 98 users will need to change the path of Windows Calculator to 'C: User reviews about Electronics Assistant Review. Click here to download and run the electgonic package.

Users of version 4. Please contact me if you have any objections and and I will remove it. This Program is an extremely handy tool for finding standard assistan of resistance to meet a specific need. Download Electronics Assistant 4. There is no need to remove the previous version first.

Calculators / Info

Older projects in the database may no longer be available. More about Electronics Assistant Since we added this program to our catalog init has managed to reach 9, downloads, and last week it gained 11 downloads. However if you find my software useful please consider making a small donation to support further development and upkeep of the site. If you have a previous version of the viewer installed you can simply install the new version over it.

To play move left and right using the arrow keys. Subsequent clicks will add further times to the list, and the time between this and the previous entry in the list will be calculated shown after the delta symbol. MS; the start, stop and reset buttons being self-explanatory.

Details of calculations can be saved or printed. NET framework and IE5. As ofEPE no longer print an index electrnoic the December issue, instead putting it on their website, however in practice this is more of a table of contents than an index each project is only listed once. Freeware, however if you find the program useful, or use it for commercial purposes a small donation would be appreciated to support further development.

It includes a resistor colour code calculator, resistance, capacitance and power calculations and more. For the official indexes split by yeardetails of ordering back issues and more visit EPE's web site, www.

Except where otherwise stated, software is written by Electronics and can be used free-of-charge. A full index of all constructional projects published in Everyday Practical Electronics v4.11 is available to download.

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