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Using Eicra Real Estate classified listing script provides several additional benefits and features such as CMS features, voting management, user review, advanced search and others. In just a few online real estate companies, the Real Estate Script is pre-loaded with various real estate types and also comes with a completely free installation wizard which is a plus. The role is assigned to a user. Web Developers, you now have the perfect tool to meet the needs of clients involved in a variety of markets related to property. Whether you are looking to start a regional , vertical or multinational industry specific complete professional and secure solution for classifieds property site.

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In addition manager could promote Member to Owner or Reviewer for specified folders or the whole site. The rights profile is then included in a role.

Single click to enable or disable your web forms. Allowing user to get access to a particular modules.

Email alert before a property is being vacant to re-pubpshed. The Eicra property listing software is versatile in nature and is designed in a way that it looks after every aspect of the real estate rela. Powerful, easy-to-use tools to help you find, analyse, research and search for property.

Publishing news and articles related to your company. Search by psting id, city, state, zip, property type, property style, min price, max price, beds, baths, min sq ft, min lot size, garage or keyword.

Different both standard and custom field type to choose. Our application can be customized entirely according to your business needs. Assigns local roles for users promotes them to specific levels.

When the user assumes the assigned role, the privileged commands are available to be run in a profile shell. Focus more to your business Generate more traffic, leads, and deals on our platform. First is its tenant and property owner management, which involves the following factors: The most secure way to manage privileges for users and roles is to confine use of privilege to commands in a rights profile.

Ability to specify which user or user-group can able to viewedit and administer the forms. Dynamic News and Events information. Each page in the Real Estate CMS application consists of several blocks of content, commonly known as widgets.


It should be a Real Estate software solution, which will save your effort, time, and money. Freedom of choosing any properties.

In just a few online real estate companies, the Real Estate Script is pre-loaded with various real estate types and estaye comes with a completely free installation wizard which is a plus.

Multi-Language Support just changing Language File only.

But don't take our word for it, hear it from our customers. This means you need to find the rea Real Estate classified listing script available online. Our Goal is to gain a clear understanding of your business objectives, develop a strategy to achieve them, develop a website to represent your unique brand.

Change of menu style and size using CSS.

Eicra Real Estate Script 'pagad.me' SQL Injection Vulnerability

One of the most important parts of a website is a properly created and configured web forms. Google Adsense is added by default to earn ads revenue.

Limiting maximum number of property to add under a membership packages. Features Integrated Web Form. Some of these are: Let us be part of your team and let us create amazing results for you.

Roll is an encapsulated mode of permissions of various modules. Adding Google image map to highlight each properties.

While you will still have the all the power you need to add as many listings as you like.

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