Angels in the outfield

But the cheese is laid on pretty thick, even for a family film combining baseball, orphans, and faith in God. Moved by their faith, Murphy allows George to remain as manager of the Angels. Pamela West as Ms.

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A struggling baseball team praying for a pennant. July 14, Rating: Thank God Joseph Ouffield was able to redeem himself after this with the rest of his career.

Retrieved August 21, The Absent-Minded Professor Professor Brainard creates Flubber to put more bounce in the basketball team, fly a Model "T" and save the college from financial ruin! This is among the worst family films that Disney has produced. Christopher Lloyd as Al "The Boss". Marc Magdaleno as 2nd Home Plate Umpire. Watch something else instead; you'll be glad you did.

Arte Moreno General Im View All Photos 2. Roger Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a foster child agnels irresponsible father promises to get his act together when Roger's favorite baseball team, the California Angels, wins the pennant.

Neal McDonough as Whitt Bass.

A young boy praying for a father. I was bored with the plot, and the cast just didn't deliver any memorable performances.

When George goes out to the mound, everyone thinks he's going in to take Yhe out, but instead, George gives him some motivation, and with encouragement from Roger, the team, and finally, the entire stadium audience as well as owner Murphy and the broadcasters.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The film ends with George adopting both Roger and J.

Angels in the Outfield

See Little Big League instead. West King as Home Plate Umpire. The Angels ultimately win the final game of the regular season without the help of the angels and clinch the inn pennant over the rival Chicago White Soxthanks to Mel.

Walt Disney Pictures Caravan Pictures. Meanwhile, Roger's father permanently gives up custody of his son, believing it's in Roger's best interest. Ben Johnson as Hank Murphy. Victoria Skerritt as Social Worker.

Brenda Fricker as Maggie Nelson. Adrien Brody going darker and deeper".

Angels in the Outfield () - Rotten Tomatoes

Robert Clohessy as Frank Gates. Connie Craig as Carolyn. The film was released less than outfieldd month before the MLB Baseball Players Strikewhich forced the league to cancel the playoffs and the World Series. Adrien Brody as Danny Hemmerling. Season 4 This Is Us: The Walt Disney Companywhich distributed it, was a minority owner of the Angels at the time. Angels in the Outfield film.

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