Blotted science the machinations of dementia

He's really the star performer here, as he shreds away with probably hundreds of off the wall time signature changes, crazy melodies, insane licks of shredding and downright instrumental brutality. Bleeding In the Brain. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. He was also the mastermind behind Spastic Ink, and later he would come into one of the most famously underrated metal bands of all time, Watchtower. You can't stop it, can't pause for a breather, can't sit back and enjoy the view except for the few moments when they decide to crash into a conveniently parked petrol pump for a change of pace - all you can do is scream "I love this shit!

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Albums You Should Hear: Blotted Science – The Machinations of Dementia

At just 27 minutes, there's an onslaught of shred in this tumultuous blend of death metal and black metal from Italy. The songs themselves are seemingly random pieces of notes and riffs haphazardly connected together, much like Spastic Ink and, especially, Behold… The Arctopus.

Sounds fucked up and crazy? Producing excellent music, using the full potential of each member, or fail miserably under the weight of expectation.

The Machinations of Dementia | Blotted Science

Wacky, jazzy and fuckingawesomey: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I fucking love it, okay?

The production is very clear, and everything can be heard as equally as each other, which is a great bonus, considering the type of music they play. Oscillation If is composed around a tone row of 12 notes played forward, and then backwards.

Welcome to your nightmare. Now if your head hasn't exploded already from the six string machine gunning of Ron, and the five string artillery bombardment from Alex, then it will definitely crumble under the might of acience all powerful nuclear metronome we call Derek Roddy.

As usual, Derek goes out of his way to prove he is one of the best drummers in the world not the best, for me right now that's a tie between George Kollias and Gene Hoglan but still he's quite amazing. Ron is a fucking robot, I swear.

Monster bassist Alex Webster you know him was already on board, which should have been enough to get a curious machinqtions from the metal community at large. Nevertheless, these are albums I think people should at least give a listen. So this is definitely Ron's most agressive and most heavy dementix so far. You see, the theme presents all sorts of mental phenomena and illnesses, which the music more than adequately manages to convey.

They may not be front-to-back perfect and they may not be for everyone, and perhaps many of you will find that you disagree. Unlike making Derek drum progressive style like the Watchtower drummer has done, Ron basically tells Derek to fire at will when it comes to the drums.

From metalcore to technical death metal, these are albums I truly think stand out above the rest. Anyway, I'd been searching for videos on youtube and saw a few clips of him chugging away on some riffs for a new project.

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The rattling is fun to listen to it and as we all know, audible bass is an automatic positive. That's when you hear how so many years of death metal can come in handy. This page was last edited on 22 Juneat To good to be true, i have cried to this. The clear production of the guitar just amplifies the weirdness of the guitar playing, surmounting to something that really boggles my mind for some reason.

The Machinations of Dementia

The Machinations of Dementia by Blotted Science. Sure, consecutive listens bloted for people with ears of steel, but I find myself listening to this frequently. By tge this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The album had been in the making since madhinations progress stalled when original drummer Chris Adler had to bow out due to commitments with his band Lamb of God ; his successor, Derek Roddy ex- NileHate Eternalleft over "musical differences" after a six-month tenure.

Doing a song by song analysis is near impossible here, since this project has very little to do with individual songs and more about an all-out sonic assault on your senses. Let me assure you, it is anything but mindless wankery.

In turn, he lays down some unrelenting fits of double bass and blast beats, but is constantly changing time and being off the wall.

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