Ebaa restraint calculator

The simplest and safest way to design around a live tap is to treat the run of the tapped connection as if it is a dead end. With this configuration the tee moves ever so slightly into the soil when pressurized. How do I design for a live tap? A Cross sectional area of the pipe [sq. In the case of a vertical offset, please enter the depth of the upper fitting at this time.

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In actuality there is a small amount of bearing resistance that exists at the end cap and at each of the pipe bells inside of the restrained length.

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EBAA Iron, Inc. - Leaders in Pipe Joint Restraint and Flexible Expansion Joints

This program is able to calculate restrained lengths for pipelines buried up to 32 ft. Vertical Offsets Vertical offsets require restraint of all joints within the calculated lengths L on both sides of the upper and lower fittings. In the process ignoring the bearing area provides some additional conservatism to the design. Can I save my work inside the calculator?

Is there any way to use the calculator without internet access? In this case the presence of the polyethylene wrap can be ignored. There are options within the program for pipe installations where the native soil is a clay and the backfill material is granular.

The EBAA design program assumes clay soil installations to be non-saturated. The portion of the piping calcu,ator must be exposed restfaint be fully restrained. As the dead end attempts to move in the soil it is resisted by frictional forces around the full pipe circumference for the length of restrained piping.

The restraint design also requires the selection of a length of pipe along the run Lr to be free of joints. Changed layout of the printable Project PDF documents for a better legibility.

Restraint calculator

restrainnt The restrained length along the branch of the tee connection, Lb, provides frictional resistance that involves the entire circumference of the branch piping. Test Pressure Restrained length calculations are based on the highest pressure that the pipeline will be subject to.

Bend Angle 45 In some installations this length can become fairly large. SinceDIPRA has incorporated some slight changes to some of calculatkr design equations and has also added some fitting configurations.

Restraint Length Calculator

This is also true any time a portion of a pressurized pipeline must be exposed and potential modifications could alter how the piping reacts to thrust loads. When the system is tested the water is not moving, therefore, velocity is not a factor.

The primary difference comes in the soil values that are restrajnt in those equations. Thrust Collar Anchor Dead ends require restraint of caclulator joints within the calculated length L extending from the cap.

William, and Whitman, Robert V. In this case the shutting of the valve can result in pressure forces acting in a direction dependent on the position of the other valves in the system. It is important that the valve is designed as a dead end so that when it is closed 1 the joints of the non-pressurized side of the valve are not compressed and, as a result, over-inserted and that 2 the joints within the required restraint length on the pressurized side do not pull apart.

Restraint Calculation Program

Does the calculator provide an analysis for a rotated bend i. This information will be displayed on the calculation output on the results screen and in the printed results. The fitting combination needs to be evaluated for calcularor with the tee in the open and closed conditions.

As a worst eba scenario you can require this length to be restrained as if it were a dead end. The length of pipe Lr must be of solid pipe without joints, fittings, etc. It becomes a matter of preference by the design engineer. Is the soil type specified as the backfill material or native soil outside the trench? In-line valves are there in order to be closed at some time. In Line Valves The restraint of valves requires careful consideration in restraknt redundant distribution network. The pipe on the oblique leg of the output between the upper bend and the lower bend would likely be fully restrained and, as a result, there would be no thrust force in that portion that could be calculato to the lower bend.

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